Hannah Saul

INC Babes | Jan 11, 2016

Having achieved a successful modeling career over the past eight years, Hannah has moved her focus into the world of fitness launching her app HANXFIT this November. Hannah who has been the face of Jets Swimwear and Lorna Jane in her career is the ultimate fitspo model and here she chats with us about her new app, her workout routine and what the future holds for this talented young babe!


How did you get into modeling?
I was scouted when I was 18 in Brisbane by Dally’s Models who entered me into the NEXT New York model search, which I won and then I flew to New York and my career started!

What has been your favorite job so far?
Being the face of the amazing swimsuit range Jets and also Jets active has been a major highlight, the team is amazing and so easy to work with – Equally being the face of Lorna Jane was a huge achievement for me thus far.

What do you love most about modeling?
I love that I get to be creative in my job. I get to work with new people all the time and I get to travel. Furthermore, it is part of my job to stay fit and healthy. I love that I can count exercise as work!

You are about to launch an app HANXFIT tell us a bit about this.
I have been working on for the past 2 years in conjunction with Moment Media and my personal trainer. The app is broken up into bodyweight, gym, core and kettle bell workouts. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced options and there are photos and written explanations to accompany each exercise plus videos for those who want a better visual.

The app can be used anywhere as I have catered for those who want to use free weights and those who just want to train with body weight. It has received some great feedback so far which is great! We will be launching new workouts every 3 months too.

If you weren’t modeling what would you be doing?
I now am obsessed with technology as a result of HANXFIT so I think I would love to ty and get into University and learn more about this field or push forward and launch something I enjoy into the business community – I have learned now that we need to equally think for tomorrow and that can be a very long day.

You have an absolutely INCREDIBLE body, how do you stay in shape?
OH thank you ! I start the day with a cardio workout which will consist of a 5-8km run or walk

Due to my schedule I have now found I use my app more then ever, majority of the time I will run through the programs in the park, and once a week mix a gym session in as well.

What is your ultimate favourite exercise?
Burpees… it’s a love hate relationship

It can't all be about exercise though – give us a bit of an insight into the Hannah Saul diet!
Haha I eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, juices, nuts and meat. I will have bread and carbs now and then but it is not something that I eat all the time. I do have a bit of a soft spot for chocolate though!

Where would someone find you on a Friday night?
I am such a homebody! Most definitely find me unwinding after the week at home enjoying a glass of wine with my partner.

Tell us about your beauty regime….
A great routine is absolutely essential with skincare but my routine has always been pretty easy - Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, and a mask once a week.As I do travel so much I will change up my moisturizers depending on the state of my skin and where I am in the world. Rosehip oil is also amazing at night – it’s great for keeping youthful looking skin so I love to put that on before bed.

What does the future hold for Hannah?
I am confident that I am onto a great thing with HANXFIT, I now have this formatted for all devices and launching for TV over the coming three months via Smart TV (IPTV) – I want to continue to model but equally represent large global brands that are aligned to my way of life. It's an exciting time, I have worked very hard with my team to get to this point and we are all excited with what the future holds for us all!!


Finish this sentence.

I can't live without… good food, great company and the people I love around me.

I can’t stop listening to… What do you mean, Justin B.

My favourite person in the world is… Ron.

I will never forget… the amazing last year I have had.

Summer is all about… having the family together in the one place.