Models | Jan 4, 2016

Miquela Vos

WA babe Miquela Vos is fast becoming known as the beach babe with the amazing body and beautiful smile! With an Image of Miquela's svelte body reposted by none other then Elle Macpherson it is no surprise how this stunning INC BABE is making waves.

Designer Interviews | Dec 8, 2015


Fella Swim... one of the most sought after collection every summer season and with exceptional quality, incredible fits and chic silhouettes it is easy to understand why. We chat with the girls behind the label as the talk all things fashion, summer and how they got to where they are today!

Designer Interviews | Dec 8, 2015


We chat with Ipek, the genius behind iconic swimwear label KIINI, about her amazing brand, the future of the label and what led to her decision to start KIINI!

| Oct 31, 2015

The Rise Of The Cheeky Bum

Australia has been a bit slow on the uptake with the skimpy, cheeky and barely there bikini bums... but never fear, It's Now Cool has your covered (...or more to the point uncovered!). Whether you're a Beyonce booty or a skinny minnie this style is becoming a must have for every summer wardrobe. Check out why we love the skimpy bum and what are favourite styles are for the season!

Designer Interviews | Oct 31, 2015


We chat with cult sunglass brand Pared, a label synonymous with original styles, unique designs and distinctive details. Find out more about the sunglasses brand that is worn by the likes of Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.

Designer Interviews | Oct 31, 2015


With the famous scallop bikini, Australian-made Cleonie is a summer highlight! We chat with designer Kitty about her awesome label launched two years ago.

Designer Interviews | Oct 31, 2015

Lack Of Color

Beautifully created straw hats are the must-have this season and Lack of Color has us sorted! With limited edition hand made styles, we just love this this summer style. We chat with designer, Tess about her popular and super cool label.

Designer Interviews | Oct 31, 2015

Poppy Lissiman

With her pieces appearing in international publications such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Nylon and Elle, Poppy Lissiman's pieces have fast reached cult icon status . We chat with Poppy about her awesome and highly in-demand accessories label.

Designer Interviews | Oct 31, 2015


Worn by the likes of Cara Delevigne, Palm is one of our favourite staple brands! Palm designer Kat Furey chats with us about her amazing range, what is important to remember when buying swim and what quote she lives her life by!

Designer Interviews | Oct 31, 2015

Midnight Swim

Launched in May this year, Midnight Swim has offices both in Sydney and Bali, creating a collection that is perfect for the everyday beach girl and the avid holiday hopper! We chat with Genevieve, designer behind the popular label.

Designer Interviews | Oct 31, 2015

Ivory Daze

The debut collection of Perth-based swim label, Ivory Daze has left us wanting more. With something for everyone we caught up with Amanda and got the inside scoop on what the new label is all about.

Designer Interviews | Oct 31, 2015

Celeste Twikler

Celeste designs intricate pieces synonymous with the ocean and beach lifestyle. The boho designer chats with us about her summer range, the future of the label and tells us a bit about the Celeste Twikler girl.