A Day In The Life Of A Fashion Shoot!

Words by The Editor

Friday / April 27, 2012

It's not all glitz and glamour on the set of a fashion shoot! Whilst the images of beautiful girls make you think of glamour and perfection the reality behind the scenes is a lot of hard work, early hours and insane crazy (and yes beautiful) fun! The FLASHBACK shoot documented by Lucy Quaggin was a reflection of the previous issues and showcases both the models and the looks that INC has covered since it launched at the 22nd of December 2011... 

4:00am WAKE UP
It sure was an early start, coffee and breakfast was about all I could handle at this hour!

5:30am ARRIVE
Pulled into Cottesloe and arrived on location before sunrise, even with the sun below the horizon the house looked incredible.  Josie greeted me and gave me a run down on things to come, the looks, the makeup, the jewellery and the girls. There were pieces from Ellery, Zara Bryson and Poppy Lissiman to name a few and they could be best described as divine. 

Soon enough the first models arrived, surprisingly full of energy for this time of the morning.  As the sun came up it bathed the location in an orange hue of optimism. In no time the girls were in makeup ready to begin the day ahead. The first look was fun and fresh, with colours galore and on-trend clashing prints, so bold was the way to go on the make up front. Josie was the makeup artist for the shoot as well as the photographer and got straight to work using neon coloured eyelashes and matching bright eyes. The look is edgy and fresh. It’s got a good time written all over it...

The atmosphere takes form as ideas are contemplated, decisions made and more girls come through the door. Next shoot to prepare for is in the theme of The Golden Hour, which encompasses everything that glimmers and sparkles and the makeup in this instance is no exception. Glitter is everywhere! The shoot looks amazing as Josie uses three models two in high neckline gold pieces and the model in the middle shirtless but in a breathtaking Ellery maxi skirt juxtaposed against the raw setting of the front of the house. Next thing we know the sprinklers are making an interruption!

Videographer Max Grantis is next to arrive and starts to brainstorm ideas for the day. Max starts creating the atmosphere for the shoot as the sun is up and he gets his camera out capturing the girls dancing, laughing and having fun. There is excitement in the air as Josie gets four of the blonde models, ready for a shoot full of colour, clash and crazy.

The four models look almost identical with their sunny hair, clashing prints full of tribal, floral and everything that screams colour! With eyes and lips to match. There is excitement in the air as the four models take stunning shots and work together to tell a story,  Max has them strutting through the backyard like a catwalk, I can only imagine how incredible this looks on film, the four blonde girls together exemplify chic. The girls decide it’s time for a coffee and juice run; exactly what I wanted to hear!

A Day In The Life Of A Fashion Shoot!

By this point this shoot is in full swing as the ladies are popping champagne bottles over the balcony, dancing on the chairs and having a blast. Max films on and begins to create a video which will capture the essence of the shoot taking place. For the next shoot male model Aidan is set between two breathtaking models in his double denim get up, the lucky boy.

Three of the girls are next in line to shoot a sexier and edgier vibe. The look is in theme of the Valentine’s Day shoot and intertwines lingerie with dark edgy, statement pieces. The rest of the models were outside watching this one being shot and Josie with help from model Pippa Hood was on fine form creating an edgy, seductive vibe for this particular shoot. She used angles, levels and attitude to tell a story.

There was chocolate, muffins, bars and snakes galore to refuel everyone’s energy for yet another shoot which exemplified edge and modern day vogue. Double denim; a previous sin has become a saint for editorials, catwalks and street style alike. The models were given Givenchy inspired glitter lips and looked like a modern day Brady Bunch as they were draped over one another in an entanglement of blonde hair and white wash denim.  Then Josie laid down a surprise that in the group shoot all the girls would be in lingerie, the boys looked impressed to say the least.

As we took to the garage for the last look, the girls looked like they were in line for an edgy Victoria’s Secrets catwalk as Max and the male models (Jordan and Aidan) seemed very much in their element. Max hopped in the middle of them and passed me his iPhone, “Right I need to document this” he said as I then took a few photos for him and then as he flipped through the documentation I swear he muttered “I love my job” and why wouldn’t he! Josie snapped away getting exactly the right shot and the look was too good to be true.

1:00pm WRAP!
Max finished up filming, the boys high five in congratulations of what a Sunday morning this turned out to be and Josie took her final shots. “IT’S A WRAP” was soon yelled and a day to be remembered came to a close. As we packed up the endless entourage of makeup, jewellery and clothing relief began to spread across everyone faces, as IT’S NOW COOL just killed its biggest shoot yet.

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