Models | May 16, 2019


Sunshine, bubbles, fit, fierce, sweet, grounded & oh so loveable. All of these words are those that pop into mind when we think of Steph Claire Smith, (@stephclairesmith). A co-founder of Soda Shades & Keep It Cleaner, this force of nature is taking over the world of accessories & health one step at a time. Powerhouse, yes yes yes!

Models | May 16, 2019


There is something so precious about a model who, if she could go down another career path, she’d pick the path that lead her to becoming a pilot! This chick is everything!! Sweet, driven, sexy & beautifully balanced. Not shy about admitting her sweet tooth & her favourite styes of workouts that keep her body in tip top shape, there is nothing not to like about this gal.

Models | May 16, 2019


Signed with one of the worlds top modelling agencies, IMG, this blonde, strong, woman is the world on wheels. A regular star on Channel E!’s The Model Squad, Caroline Lowe (@carolinelowe) grew up going to theatre camps & chasing her dream of acting which is still a major driver in her already successful career today. I mean who wouldn’t want to cast a beauty like Caroline?

Designer Interviews | Mar 30, 2019


If the sisters behind Reina Olga @reinaolga_beachwear were an emoji … they’d be the purple unicorn without a doubt!!! “A divine power & an emblem of divine presence.” This is Isotta & Guia Cleps to a tee. Larger than life characters who are on a mission to show the world their phenomenal style via their incredible swimwear.

Models | Mar 30, 2019


It’s hard to pin point what is so unique about the beautiful @elizabethjamrozy. Born in Las Vegas USA this girl is sweet, grounded & perfectly pure! There is a lot to like about this blonde bombshell! Read our interview with this beach babe!

Designer Interviews | Mar 29, 2019


It’s Now Cool had the pleasure of chatting to one of the designers from Same Swim about their swim empire. We are impressed to say the least. These guys are on the money, on trend & on FIRE.

Models | Mar 29, 2019


The girl who has shot a Dolce & Gabbana campaign with Mario Testing (ummm, YES!), who lives for the crazy creatives in life, who dreams of going back in time to raid Jane Birkin’s wardrobe, who orders a side of fries with breakfast & has “learn to fly” on her bucket list - this is one individual after our own heart.

Models | Mar 29, 2019


We talk with Christine Burke, beach babe from San Diego who after two years of modelling is KILLING IT! Speaking with this energetic, honest & joyful cool cat could only be decided as a pleasure. Have a read below & you’ll fall in love too.

Designer Interviews | Mar 19, 2019


les girls les boys (@lesgirlslesboys), is a powerful, striking & sexy range that, to be frank, doesn’t give a toss about anything except for the person who is wearing their swim. If their customers feel confident, liberated & over the freakin’ moon about themselves, then the team have definitely done their job.

Models | Feb 28, 2019


With one of the most incredible bodies on the gram’ right now (& this is absolutely no exaggeration!), maintained with quite possibly the dreamiest combination of hot yoga + surfing, Liv is turning up the heat & a sea of heads are turning her way. Read up about this WA stunner now.

Designer Interviews | Feb 28, 2019

Keisha Dessaix // LE BUNS

We chat with Keisha Dessaix, designer behind our newest brand, Le Buns. This woman, this brand is The Real Deal. We are beyond thrilled to invite this incredibly progressive & independant brand into the INC family. Click through to find out why!

Designer Interviews | Feb 14, 2019


Wild yet wearable. A little sexy, a little seductive, a lot of WOW! Uniquely simple, fresh & uninhabited. Everything that swimwear should be! Wearing swim is meant to put you & your body at ease. When you’re by the water it’s about feeling natural, deliciously comfortable & in your purest form. Otherwise, it’s simply not worth it.