Alice Q

Behind the Scenes | Nov 8, 2018

Tell us in five words, who is Alice Q?

Genuine, intelligent, stylish, creative and fun! (I hope ;)))

You’re a Bondi Beach native, I’m in town for one day what should I do?

Start off with a coffee, swim and Sauna at Icebergs pool, best way to start the day, sneak in a cheeky massage at The Body Spot then head down to The Shop for the most amazing BLT you will ever eat. Hit some stores on Gould Street or the Markets at Bondi Public.  In the afternoon do the coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama.  Dinner at either Sean’s or Icebergs (both equally my favorite restaurants so I can’t choose) and finish off the night with a little dance at The Bucket List

What are you listening to right now? 

The BPM Festival Artists Podcasts on Soundcloud

Most memorable set? 

I played at Space in Ibiza last year, which was pretty great, it has always been my all time favorite clubs and ticking that off my bucket list was pretty surreal.

Dream gig?

Coachella :)

Tell us a bit about how you got into DJ’ing

I was always really into music growing up, when I was about 21 I went travelling with a girlfriend and we went to Ibiza for the first time - it opened me up to a whole new world of dance music that I became obsessed with.  Firstly I just enjoyed going to gigs and different clubs to listen to the music, then I started collecting it and I guess it was only by chance that a friend started teaching me how to DJ. I fell in love with being so connected and in control of the music I was playing.  I used to play anywhere that would let me, little bars and restaurants in Bondi, friend’s parties weddings you name it.  I was that annoying friend behind the DJ booth begging my DJ mates to give me a turn during their sets, I was hooked.  Eventually I landed a residency for HedKandi, which gave me some good exposure and opened up a lot of doors.  And here I am 7 years later; it’s my full time gig.

How do you stay in shape for summer?

Yoga, bootcamp and green smoothies 

Secret cheat food?

Sweet potato fries

Where would someone find you on a Friday night?

DJ’ing or on a dance floor somewhere

Summer is all about… 

Beach days with my puppy  

Finish this sentence.
I can’t live without… Coffee
I can’t stop listening to… Sade 
My favorite person in the world is… My Dad
I will never forget… my name 
Something I wish I knew five years ago is… Getting older doesn’t mean you have to grow up
In ten years you’ll find me… At my holiday house in Ibiza

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