Ania Milczarczyk

Behind the Scenes | Oct 16, 2018

Ania works on campaigns for global beauty brands, publications and top models  there is no stopping this make up extraordinaire who is going from strength to strength in the industry.  Ania is definitely one to watch!


How did you first get into being a make up artist?
It all started a few years ago, I was already doing something different at the time, I worked with animals for 6 years and I was just looking for a hobby. I've always been drawn to artistic things but makeup never even crossed my mind so I consider it to have been a bit accidental, I was actually thinking of doing a floristry course haha. Before a party a friend of a friend was watching me do my makeup and asked me to do hers, at that point I had never touched anyone with a makeup brush. It made me feel amazing how happy it made her when I finished so I've just never stopped.

You have a massive social following of over 100k, how has this happened?
My following is crazy to me! I still can't believe it. Everyone loves to look at beautiful girls, and I post photos of beautiful girls. I put it down to that. Although I've never hash tagged to get followers or anything I've had a lot of help along the way with models, agencies and brands reposting photos and tagging the team (although most of the time people love to repost images without tagging anyone) A few of my photos have also gone viral on tumblr, with the help of Kendal & Kylie so I think people have followed my Insta from there too.

You do have bit of a trademark style, being famous for your amazing highlighting technique… Tell us a bit about that.
That is just as crazy to me haha. People comment constantly calling me the queen of highlight and I get asked to do little highlighting tutorials for huge blogs and magazines. It's something I've done since high school, I used to use Vaseline on my lips and then put the left overs on my cheeks. It's just evolved since then now that I know what I'm doing and brands have started making actual products to do it properly.

Is there a style of makeup, or make up trend that you absolutely loathe?
I'm really happy I became popular for something I actually love and enjoy doing, I would hate to have done a makeup look that I don't particularly like and then all of a sudden everyone is like omg keep doing it we love it.

Who would you absolutely love to work with?
Oh man. I see someone new every day who I am like "it's my absolute dream to work with that person" I'm a sucker for anything Hollywood so let me be unimaginative and say Riri, Kardashians, Beyoncé and anything VS.

What has been the most exciting shoot you have ever worked?
Every shoot is exciting, I still manage to do things 'for the first time' at least once a week so little things excite me constantly. If I had to choose though- I love the jobs where you get to go somewhere amazing. I have a thing for the desert and horses so shooting in outback Australia not long ago was definitely up there as well as the couple shoots I've been a part of where I was able to ride a horse.

Without even having to think about it I hate heavily contoured and super powdered look. Kim Kardashian created a monster a couple years ago when she showed some photos of her makeup being done and then everyone all of a sudden started contouring. I find it so over done.

I think it was last year everyone also discovered thick brows were in and then started really badly beefing up their brows with what looked like black texta. That was a bit off.

What are your favourite five products?
1. Laura Mercier illuminated tinted moisturiser

2. Lip balm (strawberry Chapstick for me Lanolips on my models)

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills eye brow gel

4. Laura Mercier Candleglow highlight palette

5. Label M hair texturising spray

What is one thing every girl should know when thinking about applying make up?
Who knows what the future holds. I just hope to stay busy and to keep having as much fun as what I'm having now. I don't want this to ever feel like a job.

I think when applying makeup every girl should try to accentuate what they've got rather than hide or create something completely different. Natural is always best.