Bella Barber

Models | Oct 30, 2015

Having modeled for every leading Australian publication and high-fashion label, IMG beauty, Bella Barber surely turned some heads down at Bondi Beach at our recent shoot. With a seriously toned body, massive blue eyes and flawless skin, Bella has been one of Australia's top models throughout her career. Her co-founded new label, Surrounded By Ghosts is sure to be just as successful with the high quality denim being made in a range of must-have styles.


How did you get into modeling?
At 17 years old, living in Sydney, I was discovered by a team of creatives that introduced me to modeling and supported me through out my career, Friends till this day!

What has been your favourite job so far?
I recently starred in a film for Elle magazine Australia (ellestyleawards). Working with an amazing team like this and also challenging myself with something new (motion) was unforgettable… I had little tears in my eyes when I saw it on the big screen haha

What do you love most about modeling?
I love the people!!! Creating something as a team and all the laughs on set. If you catch me with teams I know well, lets just say we don’t hold back the jokes.

You have just started a denim and apparel label, Surrounded By Ghosts, tell us a bit about this?
This is all a new venture for me which I love, there are four of us, from different parts of fashion that have come together to create a label that represents all our diverse yet fashion related backgrounds.

If you weren’t modeling what would you be doing?
When I was young I dreamt of being an opera singing, I was classically trained. I still love to sing and play the piano but I keep the opera to a bare minimum now (don’t want to break glass).

Where would someone find you on a Friday night?
Depending on my week, boxing at 5:30pm then either home to the couch wearing my matching tracksuit or dinner with friends (not in my tracksuit).

Favourite exercise?
Pilates reformer

How do you stay in shape?
I have learnt so much about my body through the years of modeling which has been a blessing.
I feel and work my best when I’m happy so it's not just physical exercise but also my mind and always doing what’s best for me as a person.
I train 5 times a week at least, mixing it up with boxing, pilates and yoga. Sweat, strength, straighten and serenity you could say. I love the feeling of being strong and fit but not in a bulky way. Diet is really important, It can change depending on what jobs I have coming up. Lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and protein, with the odd dark chocolate intake.

Secret cheat food?
Dark chocolate and pizza

You are renowned for having some seriously amazing skin, talk us through your beauty regime.
I feel my best when my skin is healthy but like everyone there are good and bad days, trust me. A quick break down would be…

  • Squeeze a lemon in warm water every morning.
  • Green, green, green, I have my green smoothie every morning, as well as lots of fresh green vegetables.
  • Let your skin breathe, on my days off I wear no make up.
  • Jump in the ocean, the salt and a little sun does wonders for my skin.
  • SPF everyday.
  • Melanie Grant, my skin guru! She has opened up a whole new door for me with understanding my skin as well as her beautiful treatments I couldn’t live without.

What does the future hold for Bella?
For me to know and you to find out ;)
I love to live day by day. Dream big, work hard and always have fun.


Finish this sentence.

I can't live without…the beach.

I can’t stop listening to…Cat Power.

My favourite person in the world is… can I have two? My Mum and little sister.

I will never forget… the first time I fell in love.

Summer is all about… sun, swims, friends, road trips, LOVE.