Models | Aug 23, 2018

We've recently spotted you in Capri, Positano, Santorini, Miami, Sydney, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Noosa, Mílos ... please explain this spectacular lifestyle!? What is it about the coastline that draws you in? 

Haha it has been a very fun few months! I work in Europe all the time but it’s been years since I went on a holiday there so we decided to do a big trip this summer. It was incredible! I think I have always been obsessed with the beach……it never feels quite like a holiday unless I’m near the ocean! It’s the one place that I feel happy and refreshed. I’ve literally just landed back at home in Noosa and although my house is a complete shamble, I went for a swim and everything is better!


You did however spend years living in Brooklyn, NYC - a very cool pocket of the world to call home. Walk us through your typical Brooklyn day. Ever bump into the locals... Lena Dunham, Jay Z, Michelle Williams or Jemima Kirke?!   

I wish I saw those locals! New York is quite funny in that way, celebs are everywhere but you never really notice them. I think same goes for Williamsburg. It’s this creative hub where everyone is kind of doing their own thing. I loved BK! Fav coffee spots are Blue Bottle, Black Brick, Sweatshop and Butler. Fav dinner spots are Lilia, Aurora and Samurai Mama. For late night wines go to Lousie Rouge, Donna or Westlight for insane city views.


Bree, huge congratulations on your recent Seafolly campaign. Legit, every models dream gig! #FitIsAFeeling is a powerful message. What does FIT feel like to you?

Thank you. This campaign was a total dream! It still feels a little unbelievable that it happened. I think when a swimsuit really fits well then you automatically feel more confident. Fit can mean a lot of different things but for me the most important is always being happy, healthy and confident. It’s a cool pivotal moment right now for women in terms of diversity and I think brands are starting to realise the importance of that.


The topic of body image & self-confidence is currently a global conversation. If you had the opportunity, what would you tell your 16yo self? 

I would say everything is going to be fiiinnne! I think when you’re young you spend way too much time worrying about the way you look and worrying about what other people think. I wish I didn’t waste any time on that because it really doesn’t matter! We are all created differently and that is so much more interesting.

We hear you're a pilates girl! Where do you feel the greatest benefits? Core, toosh, legs? 

Lately I have actually been doing mostly barre classes but I need to get back to pilates! Most of my workouts are always booty and core focused. Those are the areas I like to tone the most and also where I can usually see results pretty fast. I know how healthy I have been just from looking at my stomach. It’s a good indicator haha.

As well as that sublime bod of yours, your attitude is a key asset. When you have an off moment, how do you reignite your postive mindset? 

And I absolutely do have those moments! I never get asked these kind of questions but I think it’s so important to talk about it. Sometimes I have break outs, sometimes I’m more toned than others, sometimes I feel bloated and sometimes the last thing I feel like doing is being photographed in a bikini! But it’s my job so I have to get on with it and get it out of my head. I think once you get in that negative headspace you really have to make an effort to get out of it again. Focus on the positives. Nobody wakes up feeling perfect and nobody has these flawless bodies and faces you see in magazines. Usually it takes entire teams to create one amazing image so there’s just no comparison for everyday life.

Advice for our INC women please.... Tricks to keep a killer white bikini, bright & white for as long as possible? 

My only tip would be to stay away from chlorine! It deteriorates swimwear SO much. I would love to say I’m the girl who has a magic whites wash or something but I don’t! haha I really need to take better care of my bikinis.


Any advice for those buying swim online? 

I think the number one thing is to stick to styles and colours that suit your shape. I like anything that has tie backs and sides because you can adjust it to fit. I also look for a bit of extra fabric in the crutch area so I can still be active in it without a wardrobe malfunction. And if in doubt go up a size. The worst thing you can do is buy too small and then have it cutting in weird places. I try to be really open about this on my Instagram in terms of what size I’m wearing and what the fit is like from particular brands. Because I know how much it helps!


Bree, we made mention of your recent coastal travels. This lifestyle hasn't fallen into your lap though. INC knows how hard you've worked to get to where you are today. Line of advice for the future #GirlBoss's of the world? 

Don’t be afraid to have goals. I am not really one to talk about them that much but I’m quietly very determined. I think it’s easy to assume everything you see in fashion and social media is a bit of a fluke but a lot of work goes into it.

Best beachside hotel (anywhere in the world)?!

 Hotel Escondido in Mexico.


You're at the bar - what are you drinking? 

Mescal Margarita.


The last little white lie you told?

 That I wasn’t home.


Your model crush? Who did you look up to in your early modeling days? 

 Gisele…..I’m still crushing now!


You have a gorgeous fiancé! Spill the beans - his worst habit? 

 He leaves coins EVERYWHERE.


Now to be all cute & fluffy - what is it about you he absolutley adores? Don't be shy Bree Warren! 

 Everything……I hope haha