Models | Mar 29, 2019

When people from all around the world come down under & fall in love with the Australian beaches, the always impressive breakfast menus & our talented collection of designers - it’s only natural we gravitate to these peeps & cherish them! There’s something so big, bold & exciting about the rest of the world, it’s all to easy to forget just how golden our own backyard is! So when gorgeous people remind us, it feels unreal.

Christine Burke, (@christineburke), the mega babe from San Diego is one of these darlings & she is on our radar big time!  She’s just two years into her modeling career & my god, she is nailing it like a pro! Her advice is killer, she’s unbelievably driven to commit and succeed & her beauty is one-of-a-kind. Christine’s hair, skin and that bod!!! They all in-bloody-sane.

Speaking with this energetic, honest & joyful cool cat could only be decided as a pleasure. Knowing she’s down under, enjoying the Bondi vibes and beaches is everything. Have a read below & you’ll fall in love too.

You're quite the swim queen! You absolutely ooze confidence in your kini's which we think is a dynamite quality at INC!! Have you always been a water baby? 

Yes! I’m from San Diego originally so the beach has always felt like my second home. I remember as a kid looking forward to my mom taking my brothers and I to the beach and spending the entire day in the ocean.

How did modelling come about? How many years now have you been in the biz? 

I was scouted when I was 16 at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. I didn’t really think much of it as I was really into soccer at the time. However, I finally gave it a try when I moved to LA for college. I have been modeling full time now for about 2 years.

For any new, up & coming models, any words of advice? Or perhaps things you wish you knew when you first started out? 

Take it seriously! If it’s something you really want to pursue you need to be patient and go to all your test shoots/castings. When I first started modeling I kind of just did it on the side and never gave it much thought. I was also really shy at the time. It wasn’t till I actually took it seriously and got in the right mindset that I started to really enjoy it and see results. 

You're incredibly well travelled!  Where in the world, other than Australia do you feel totally at home? Why? 

Los Angeles for sure. It feels like home now that I’ve lived there for about 4.5 years. It’s close enough to San Diego to see my family almost every month and it’s where all my close friends live. Being such a big city it took some time to build a solid friend group and adjust to the lifestyle but now it feels like second nature.

Your body is superb! How do you keep yourself in such good shape? 

I am a cardio junkie. I just love how I feel afterwards and it’s the best therapy whenever I’m feeling down or just need to take my mind off of things. I also really enjoy going to workout classes to switch things up. Pilates, boxing, and Barry’s Bootcamp to name a few.

 If you're in a rush & only have 30 minutes free, what is your go-to killer burn session? 

If I’m crammed for time or just limited in what I can do I will look up an at-home workout on YouTube and follow the video. There are so many options and most of them require no equipment which is really convenient especially when travelling.

Back to swim, what are you currently eyeing off at It's Now Cool? Any favourite designers or styles? 

I’ve really been loving Minimale Animale. I already own a couple of their styles and always find myself grabbing their pieces. They’re classic and simple but the cuts of them are really flattering and comfortable. I’m a big fan of the neon trend right now and it pairs really nicely with a tan too which is always a plus.

Day-to-day wear, what are some of your go-to stores & designers Aus? 

Australians have the cutest clothes! I love the idea of just throwing on a light weight dress or jumper and walking out the door. Realisation Par totally kills the game and has the most amazing dresses and blouses. I also really like General Pants Co. They carry several different brands that are trendy but a little more edgy.

Traveling the world for modelling must take its toll. When you're on a long haul flight - are there any particular products, snacks or habits you prioritise in terms of your skin health & general wellbeing while in transit?  

Water!! I know this sounds like the most cliché thing but that’s because it is soooo important to stay hydrated, especially when travelling. I always like to carry a protein bar or some trail mix on me as well.

Maintaining our health, is a huge daily commitment! When you give yourself a day off to relax and indulge, what does this look like?  

On a day off I would love to wake up and go on a walk by the beach. It’s so relaxing and gets me in the right headspace for the rest of the day. Following that, I’d grab coffee and brunch at a café. Australians totally kill the breakfast game and the coffee here is next level. I’d then spend the day at the beach and go for a swim. I’d end my ideal day off at a rooftop for sunset with my girlfriends to enjoy dinner and drinks with.

Who are you currently loving to stalk on Instagram? 

Emily Ratajkowski! She’s such a babe and I really look up to her.

Other than Instagram, any apps you're addicted too? 

I have really been into Podcasts lately! The Skinny Confidential and How I Built This are two series I have been loving lately. I find them really easy to put on and it’s really interesting and inspiring to hear stories from different entrepreneurs.

In 2 years time, where would you love to see yourself? 

In 2 years I see myself still in the same industry but on the more creative side of things. I’ve always been really interested in fashion and studied marketing for a year in Los Angeles. Styling and putting together shoots would be so much fun.



If a time machine landed on your front door, what experience would you travel back to?

My brothers wedding. It was so much fun having my entire family together and getting to celebrate and enjoy with everyone. As we grow older it’s harder to get everyone in the same place at the same time so when we get the opportunity I cherish the time we have together.

In your eyes, the biggest compliment someone can receive? 

I remember someone complimented me on my energy and it’s honestly one of the memorable compliments I’ve gotten. I strive to live a happy life and aspire to bring joy and inspire others.

If we ruffled through your bag, what are we always bound to find?  

Gum, chapstick, wallet, and keys.

When it comes to daily skincare, what essentials are in your beauty bag?

Sunscreen, moisturiser and tea tree oil!

When it comes to a night out, what few products do you not leave the house without applying?

Perfume, powder, and eyeliner.

You're hosting a gals dinner for 10. What's on the menu?!

Salmon, salad, roasted veggies, and wine!!!  Most of my girlfriends and I enjoy the same foods and are pescatarian so it’s always easy choosing restaurants and meals that fit our dietary restrictions.

What are the background tunes?

Tame Impala.

You wake up feeling a little dusty - your hangover cure is?

Water and activated charcoal.

When you wake up to an alarm and simply CBF. Are you a Snooze kinda gal, or do you commit & fight the urge to roll back over?

I force myself out of bed and drink a huge glass of water to help wake me up.

Modelling wise, who do you look up too?

Romee Strijd. She radiates the best energy and works so hard. I love watching her vlogs as well and getting a peak into her day-to-day life.

Life wise, who do you look up to? 

 My parents. They’re both such amazing and kind people.

If there was a word to describe your mood in this very moment, hit me, what would it be?   

Chilled out. I’m sitting at a café in Bondi right now typing these responses and drinking a cappuccino. Sydney is seriously such a vibe and I love it here.