Designer Interviews | Nov 7, 2019

To begin your modeling career with a brand as globally iconic as Prada, to then move straight onto the Victoria Secret runway where you’ll stay for 6 years in a row is astonishing. Phenomenal. Incredible. WILD! And it’s all Devon. 

A woman who is beyond honest, down to earth & seriously successful - she’s recently added a new title to her resume … killer swimwear designer. It’s Now Cool is so pumped to stock her range because, have you seen it? It is everything you’ll need for summer 19/20!!! 

Devon Windsor (@devwindsor), is the modern-day version of class, composure & sophistication. A woman who carries backgammon in her beach bag, devotes her skin to SPF & lives life with this kind of balanced attitude, “If I am craving pizza, I will have it. Do I eat it every meal? No!” … we salute you DW!!

From the Victoria Secret runway (6 years in a row!!), to global coastlines in swimwear, to the cover of mags such as Vogue & ELLE - Devon you seamlessly melt into this industry like a natural! How & when did your modeling career kick off?

First off—thank you! I am sure from the outside it seems seamless, but it was a lot harder than it may appear! My career first kicked off when I did fashion week spring/summer 2013. I booked the Prada show, where they bleached my hair white, and then continued to have a super successful season! That same year, I then booked the VS show! I believe that my success is thanks to hard work, never giving up, luck, timing and having an amazing support system!

Since day one, what is one thing that still surprises you by this industry?

Its ability to be ever changing. That’s the beauty of fashion. It changes and grows, and solely depends on the person to make it their own! Just when you think you understand, or know the latest trend, it changes. There is always so much to learn.

Originally a Missouri, USA gal, you now travel so much for work. What city currently feels most like home? Is there anything you pack when you're on the road to remind you of home? 

I feel like I have two homes now. New York and Miami. Luckily I have a place in both cities that feels like home, with all my products and clothes. I am kind of product-obsessed, so I like to get all the products I use at home, in mini size, or put them in travel containers. Because I like to feel like I have my same beauty regimen, even when I am away!

... that body of yours! Talk to us! I've read your guilty pleasure is cookie-dough! How do you indulge while keeping your figure so fit + toned? 

I wish I had a better answer but I think a lot of it is genetics. My whole life I have been underweight. In fact, when I was younger I had to drink protein shakes to gain weight! My advice now, is to balance my eating with a very active lifestyle. I work out 3-5 times a week. I also do not indulge in every meal. I believe in everything in moderation. If I am craving pizza, I will have it. Do I eat it every meal? No!

Currently, what style of workout is giving you the best results? How did you come across this style of exercise?

I always have done a lot of Pilates, because it is great for strengthen your muscles, while also keeping them lean! I have a hard time finding motivation myself, so I also have a personal trainer. We do a lot of body weight exercises mixed with cardio such as running and boxing!

Beauty wise - your a sunscreen lover, which we love! What SPF products would you suggest to wear during the day/under your makeup VS at the beach? Any suggested must haves?

For every day and under makeup I use something a little lighter. I love products like La Roche-Posay, because it isn’t super thick and doesn’t leave a residue. For a day at the beach I go for something that feels thicker and more substantial! Also something that is water resistant! I also love a tinted moisturiser that has SPF, because I do not like to wear makeup to the beach!

Devon Windsor Swim ... a huge congratulations to you on your killer line! These pieces are so bold & striking, I feel like they're made to style a Bond girl! Walk us through your inspiration behind the designs? 

Thank you! I wanted to create a line that had more of a design element, than just your average triangle bikini. Something that could be worn by itself and stand out, like an outfit! I had some vintage editorials that I found inspiration from, but I also designed what I was wanting personally. Also what I felt was lacking from the industry!

We are over the moon to be stocking your range, as are our customers! For our e-shoppers, any tips RE sizes/fit?

I would say the suits fit true to size. At least that’s what my friends have told me! The collection is quite big, so I feel like there is something from everyone. A more sexy, bold style, and something more conservative, yet still chic!

Building a collection is a huge task! The decisions needed to be made are endless. What has been the most enjoyable part of this business experience? 

The most enjoyable is to create something I am proud of, and something that I want to wear! Also the most rewarding is getting to see all the amazing women around the world, in my suits! That is something I will never get tired of.

 For the newer designers out there who are starting out, what advice did you receive early on that you found to be exceptionally valuable? 

Do not take shortcuts. Sometimes you want to take the easy way out, and that is not the way to go! Especially when starting a business. It is a lot of hard work and it takes time, but don’t rush the process.

Ok now back to you body for 2 seconds, because it really is incredible! Do you have a particular workout regime / style of meals in the lead up to a swimwear or lingerie shoot?

If I have a super big shoot around the corner, I definitely step it up in the gym and try not to have many cheat meals! But part of being a model, is we have to be consistent in the way we look, all year round! So I try not to let myself go crazy, because then if I get a swim shoot, I would go into panic mode! Like I said above, I like to workout a lot, and I balance that with my diet. I like to have cheat meals, and splurge. But I do not eat every meal like that. I also have a high protein diet, and have also been eating a lot more veggies than carbs!

You mentioned in a video interview for IMG's Fashion Camp that in the modeling world, there is a need for confidence. When you're having an off-day, how do you reboot your confidence levels, to once again feel dynamite in your own body? 

There is no secret to finding confidence. It really is something you have to find within yourself. Something that helps though, is surrounding yourself with great friends and family who believe in you, and love you, for you! People who you can be yourself around, are very important!


The 3 Instagram accounts you love to stalk at the moment? @Buzzfeedtasty, @vogueweddings, @fuckjerrry

A few workout tunes that are bound to make you sweat? Good as Hell, Lizzo. Dance Monkey, Tones and I. I like it, Cardi B,

If a hangover finds you, you cure it by ...  A toasted everything bagel with cream cheese.

You are heading to the beach. 5 items always in your bag ... Sunscreen, hair scrunchy, hair brush, lip balm, backgammon game.

You're heading to a VS Show. 5 items in your bag ... Shimmery lotion, mascara, perfume, nude underwear, portable charger.

The one thing you always have in your fridge ... Lemons! I am obsessed.

Your biggest pet peeve ... People being late.

Pilates or Spin ... Pilates.

Wine or coffee ... Red wine.

Skincare wise, any products you've discovered lately that you're loving  ... I am loving a vitamin C serum for your face.

You were most starstruck when you met/saw ... Beyoncé.

Your personality in 3 words ...  Fun-loving, Sarcastic and Impulsive.