Models | Mar 30, 2019

It’s hard to pin point what is so unique about the beautiful @elizabethjamrozy. Born in Las Vegas USA this girl is sweet, grounded & perfectly pure! Admitting to be the worst water drinker & a lover of her daily chocolate fix - her honesty is refreshing, is it not!?

Below you’ll meet the lovely Jamrozy & get a glimpse into her beauty tips (hair included, and WHO wouldn’t want thick, golden locks like hers!!), her current workout addictions, skin treatments & some more imitate details about her life beyond the lens.

There is a lot to like about this blonde bombshell! To say she’s a breath of fresh air is an understatement …Jamrozy is simply a joy.

Elizabeth Jamrozy, hello! While shooting on the iconic beaches of Sydney you looked so at ease & spectacular!! Have you always been comfortable in your own skin? 

Hi!!! No of course not!!! I think everyone struggles with self image in this industry at least a little. But it’s important to remember that you’re unique and no one is like you and to accept yourself for how you are!!! 

How do you tend to prepare for a swimwear shoot in the few days leading up? 

I normally try and stay super hydrated, but that never works, I’m the worst water drinker. Especially while I’m working. I don’t stress too much about it I just stay in my normal routine! Which is normally all over the place hahah. 

So many women spend so much money on products & tools to achieve hair like yours!! It's magnificent. How do you maintain the locks & keep the curls so bouncy,  effortless and beachy? 

Aw I love when people love my hair!!! No heat!!! Heat damage and bleaching ruins natural curls. So really I don’t do a thing to it. I don’t even brush it. I get out of the shower and put some curl cream in it and go!! I have my mom to thank for the curls!! 

Any hair products you absolutely cannot live without? 

Oh this is a hard one. I really love trying new things but I say some of my fav must haves are the bumble and bumble curl line shampoo and conditioner. It’s really good and moisturising for curly hair because curly hair tends to be on the dry side. And Olaplex 3!!! It’s a great treatment especially for coloured hair!! 

Your skin glows beautifully too. What are your current favourite skin care brands/routines? 

I use Murad clarifying cleanser because my skin is breakout prone, and I absolutely love it!! It’s really hard keeping my skin clear especially when jobs are constantly covering your face in makeup. And I use a Neocutis Serum and always sunscreen!! Everyday!!! It’s soooo important!! And don’t pick!!! I’m a picker. But I’m working on it!!! 

When you don't have time to soak up the natural rays, which faux tanning brand is your go-to? 

Honestly I don’t spend much time with fake tanning. I’ve only had two spray tans in my life, which were required for jobs. But if I have some uneven tan lines I’ll use Jergens natural glow lotion to even them out a little!!

Let's talk home sweet, home. Modelling takes you all over the world - LA, NYC, Sydney, China, Jamaica, Mexico - apart from your childhood home, which city do you feel most at ease in? 

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Sydney!!! I could most definitely call this place home, and one day I hope I do. I feel so relaxed and happy here. The people and the vibes are amazing!! 

Tell us about your hometown. When & how did you get into modelling? 

I was born in Michigan, but moved to Las Vegas when I was 7, so I primarily grew up there. It’s a great city. I love it there!! I started modeling with an agency there called TNG and shortly after I found myself walking into agencies in LA! And here I am!! 

Within the modelling world, are there particular women you idolise? 

Definitely!!! I love Romee Strijd!!!! I think she’s beautiful inside and out and that’s something I strive for! I think being a good person on the inside is the most important thing a person can do. And also Gisele Bündchen! I recently read her book and found it very inspiring and comforting knowing that she went through some of the same struggles I do as a model. 

Travelling as much as you do all over the world must take it's toll. How do you maintain a healthy, nourished diet while you're on the road. i.e. when you land in a foreign city, do you go in search of markets/check peoples Instagram's for guidance or stick to eating out? 

Traveling is exhausting!!! There’s times where it’s really hard and I eat really bad! Everyone has times like that. It’s best not to stress too much about it and to get back into routine when you can. When I landed in Sydney the first things I mapped were the beach and the gym!!! While I’m here I grocery shop about once a week and cook all my food at once and eat my meals throughout the week. I find that easiest. But there is times where I’m eating out and eating bad. It’s life. I think the main reason I workout is so I can eat out and eat bad and enjoy ice cream. It’s balance. 

You're represented in Las Vegas which is wild! For those who have never been, describe the day-to-day lifestyle in Vegas for us? It's can't all be casinos & martini's from dawn til dusk?! ... or is it? 

Hahaha no, not casinos and martinis where I live. I live in a suburb area called Henderson. About 15 minutes from the strip. It’s just like living anywhere else. My family lives in a cute brick house on a golf course. If you’re a local you normally stay away from the strip! That’s for the tourists! 

When it comes to keeping in shape, what kind of workouts/gyms are you vibing at the moment? 

I LOVE F45!!! I’ve been working out there for probably over a year. In LA and in Bondi! I absolutely love it! I also recently started doing heated yoga!!! That’s amazing also! 

Talk us through your style. There's something so cool/Cali/Coachella about to you! Where are you shopping at the moment? Any brands or stores that have grabbed your attention? 

I’m a really basic shorts and t-shirt kind of girl! Love to rock sweats or comfy workout clothes too, but I also do enjoy dressing it up!!! I love vintage but also Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters! I love clothes!!! 

Apparently 2018 holds the record for the most photos taken in any year - crazy! There are so many fun apps out there at the moment to spice up a snap. Are there any you love (apart from Instagram)?

Well of course Snapchat!!! I’m sure that’s a given for everyone! It’s how I communicate mainly with my friends back home. Love seeing all their beautiful faces! 

The FELLA range looks divine on you - any other top picks from the It's Now Cool store at the moment? 

I love the Peony and Le Buns swimmers!!


Not a day goes by without me eating at least one ... 

A piece of chocolate! 

If I have a whole day to myself, I make sure to ... 

I call my mom!!! I love my mom she’s my best friend! And when I have time to chat I normally call her and tell her random stuff like what I ate for lunch! 

People say I always look so much like ... 

My mom!! I think hahaha! 

If I had a time machine & could visit a time before I was born, I'd go back to ... 

The 20’s!!! Love the movie The Great Gatsby!!! 

Before I turn 40 I will definitely ... 

Travel!!! I know that’s so cliché... but who doesn’t want to travel the world!!

My guilty pleasure is ... 


When I'm bored I ...

Go to the beach and sometimes shop! Or both!!!! 

If there was a song or an album that summed up my current mood, it'd be ... 

At the moment, I’m on my way down the coast to Jervis Bay and I’m listening to “You Make My Dreams” by Hall and Oates!!

People remind me so many times, but I always forget to ... 

Make my bed! 

I absolutley adore ... 

my pets!!!! I have dogs and cats back home!