Models | Nov 14, 2018

As we're getting closer and closer to summer, does your workout schedule change? Whats your favourite workout currently?  

My workouts change a little bit. I spend a lot more time doing adventurous outside activities during summer, but I tend to keep the same routine at the gym. I’m trying to do a few energise classes each week & up to 3 weight sessions and I walk the dogs everyday for 45mins. When it’s warmer I’m always more active on the weekends. Riding bikes, skateboarding, walking instead of driving & we love heading to the water to wakeboard & ski. 

Where are you seeing & feeling the main improvements? 

I’m feeling the improvements in my muscles. I feel a lot more toned. I’m spending more & more time in the weights room at the moment compared to the cardio room. I feel the burn in my legs and butt for days. It makes me smile because I know the pain is working!

If we find you at the beach, what are the 5 things we're likely to find in your bag? 

Sunscreen, thermos drink bottle x 2 (one for me & one for the dogs), a dog bowl, a towel, sunnies, our Bose music speaker, SPF lip balm, a hat & I’m usually holding Josh’s surfing stuff.

Music wise, what are your go-to tunes at the moment for workouts & at home/chilled vibes?  

I’m a Spotify girl! I am all about chilled hits. Currently my go-to playlists are: Acoustic Throwbacks, Relax & Unwind, Hanging Out and Relaxing, Gentle Acoustics & All About 90’s.

You were announced as the new ambassador for Seafolly this year! A huge accomplishment and one that follows the likes of Miranda Kerr, Jess Hart & Martha Hunt! HUGE! What was going through your mind when your manager shared the news with you? 

I nearly wet my pants. I’ve had this dream since I was a little girl and it came true! I quickly rang Josh and my mum to tell them the news when I found out - but I then had to keep it a secret for MONTHS. This was so hard because I was busting to tell my loved ones. All I could think about was the previous list of names who had fronted the Seafolly campaigns. I was SO IN ORE that it was all happening! 

From Me To You, your very own book, came out this year. Another big congratulations to you! What are the main things you wanted to get across with the book? Who is your target reader? 

This was a crazy experience & I never actually thought I’d achieve it. BUT I DID IT! 

I wanted to write the book I wish I had when I was younger. A journal of challenges, journeys and stories of how & why the people who I admired got to where they are. 

From Me To You is a confidence booster. It is for anyone who is trying to find their way through this crazy, social media driven world we’re living in! We can’t always complain about it or fear it, we have to find the positive sides to it & use it to make ourselves and the people around us feel stronger, happier & more secure in themselves. We all feel down from time to time - it’s perfect natural and normal. We occasionally just need a boost & a gentle reminder of ways and reasons to keep a positive mind frame! This is what From Me To You is all about… and PLENTY more. 

I think girls & women between 12 and 30 will love the book & find a lot of value throughout the pages :)

You can pick up a copy of Elyse's amazing new book here 

Finish these sentences...

Life always feels so much better with… Sunshine, heat and happiness which comes from being with people who love me for who I am.

Summer is not the same without the… the Murray river, Aussie beaches and a road trip.

My confidence goes through the roof when… I’m toned, tanned and have a reallyyyyy positive mind frame. If I am reaching my goals I feel powerful and strong because I know my hard work is paying off. 

The night before a swimwear shoot, a usual dinner is… quite light. A swimwear shoot usually consists of about 40 people looking at you! Feeling your best is key for a confident, fun shoot. Usually i’ll have fish and veggies but I NEVER not eat. Energy is key!! 

The morning before a swimwear shoot, if you have only 15mins to squeeze in a workout, what's the go-to… I jump on my hotel floor and do an abs session. I then continue the abs session when I’m in the makeup chair by holding a seated ab crunch.  When I feel toned, I feel my best.

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