Models | Aug 1, 2018

You're an adored Australian model living in the Big Apple. How have you made NYC your own over the years? Is there a particular spot that feels as if it exists just for you?

For me it’s just really doing things I enjoy with my family and close friends. I’m on the road so much with work, so when I am in New York I prefer to spend time with my daughter in the Hamptons or haven our little adventures in the city.

Being a girl from Aus, assuming you keep a healthy collection of swim?! Which of the INC brands are you most hyped about for SS1819?!

All of it!

INC is my go-to website for swimwear! The way it’s shot actually makes me want to buy the brands. I’m loving Fella, INC Swim and Skye and Staghorne.

Your latest INC shoot feat. the collection by Lisa Marie Fernandez captures you looking blissfully content. With so much travel, how do you stay rejuvenated & energised? 

I do try to work out wherever I can, and with all my travel I stay as hydrated as possible. Unfortunately with my schedule I usually need Red Bull to keep me functioning sometimes.

You looked insane in that LMF collection. Favourite pair/piece?  

The red bikini was perfect for me. I love a good red bikini! I like to keep my cosi's simple with classic shapes.

While living in NYC, you're raising the most delicious little lady, Lila! Juggling the city, your full time modeling career + motherhood is an almighty load. What are 5 things that help you remain organised & balanced?  

  1. I keep constant lists for everything in my life. If it’s not written down in one of my 100 notebooks, it will never happen.
  2. I have an amazing mother who retired two years ago and loves to travel and be an amazing grandma when my schedule goes bananas.
  3. My nanny who cleans and takes care of my dog as well as my daughter.
  4. Being strong enough to say no to work if it has been too much and I need to stay home and have time with Lila.
  5. Surrounding myself with my team of agents who are all incredibly strong, working mothers. They understand the balance between motherhood and mom guilt.

Your body makes it no secret that you're fit, healthy & strong. To feel that absolute burning ache we all crave during a decent workout, what are your top 3 killer exercises?   

I have so many injuries from a car accident I had when I was in my teens so I can’t do all of the amazing classes & new things everyone is doing.

Justin Gelband was my trainer after I gave birth to Lila and he completely transformed my body. He trained and educated me at the same time so I am forever grateful to him.

Motherhood must have introduced some changes to your mind & body. What about this new chapter of your life has surprised you the most?

That my body is actually better than it was before I had Lila. 

I think that once you have a child you realise what’s really important in life. You are already dealing with everything that comes with having a child, the good & the bad. You let go of and cut out anything in your life that isn’t making things easier or making you happier.

I read recently that when you're down in Australia for short periods you make it your goal to swim in the ocean & eat as much Aussie food as you can. Tell us, which is your dream beach & what are you ordering from breaky?

I love Bronte and Nelson Bay.

Breaky is always banana on toast or oatmeal and mountains of coffee!

Think Quick 

Green smoothie kinda gal or strong coffee? Coffee/Red Bull

The song you can't get out of your head? My Little Pony.

Any habits you're hoping Lila doesn't inherit from her Mum!? She is growing into such a happy and kind little girl. It’s amazing to watch. I’m sure she will pick up a few things but she’s really her own person.

You're attending a dinner party, what do you bring? Pavlova.

Best OR worst advice ever received from another model? Don’t compare your career with anyone else’s. Just focus on you and what you need to do.

What was the last thing that made you laugh until you cried? Trevor Stones, always.

What scares you? The future.

What makes you proud? My daughter.