Designer Interviews | Jan 7, 2019

Did they nail it? They smashed it! As well as their incredible swim range (which includes both adult & child), the FELLA duo have expanded the brand into a series of villas in Canggu, Bali (@fellavillas). Below is everything you need to know about two of the trendiest women in town.

For many Australian's, Bali is where we go to harness sun, peace & surf. F E L L A have an in incredible pocket of villas (@fellavillas) located in the heart of paradise. When did the F E L L A Villas open & what promoted the idea? 

We opened at the end of 2014. We were originally looking for a villa for ourselves to live in when we had to come up to Bali and sample our swimwear collections. When we finally found this beautiful piece of land with a derelict looking villa, we then decided to do a full renovation, add an extra room and make it part of the FELLA lifestyle brand. 

Sadly since it opened we rarely get to stay in the villa as it is often booked out. 

Your villas are tucked away in the beautiful Canggu. While this is a hip part of Bali, Canggu's contemporary side is perfectly balanced amongst semi-rural coastlines, green rice fields & humble architecture. What drew you to this particular area of Bali? 

Both of us had spent a significant amount of time in Bali before & after we started Fella and realised the potential the area had. Tang actually lived part time in Canggu before it had any shops or bars or cool cafes. When we found the villa, Canggu was a very up and coming area and still wasn’t what it is now. We thought it was a great time to do something special. It is also a very popular place for surfing, partying and eating great food and has in a ways, become the new Seminyak.

Your villas are visual masterpieces incorporating Mexican, Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. Those looking to style their own homes, any suggestions regarding fabulous lifestyle/home-wears stores in Bali? 

We actually designed and built most of our own furniture but for great mid century original furniture have a look in Kerobokan near the jail – so many good finds there! We also sourced a lot of great middle eastern rugs from a store on Jalan Sunset. While I can’t think of the stores exact name, you cant miss it if you’re heading towards the airport from Seminyak.

Style & an eye-for-design is something you two absolutely ooze! Where does the inspiration for the F E L L A brand come from? 

Design, architecture, interiors, and travel would be the biggest inspirations for us.

 Who is F E L L A Villa's loving on Instagram at the moment in terms of other holiday destinations? 

I have just come from a trip in Sicily / Puglia in Italy which was incredible. Also loving the colourful interiors from Portugal.

You guys do luxe effortlessly. What is it about the F E L L A brand the exudes luxe? 

I guess for us it has always been about using quality fabrics, construction and fit. Since startin,  the swimwear market has boomed but the majority of these new brands are cheaply made fast fashion. We could use cheaper fabrics and mass produce in China but we choose not too and we’re happy to sit in that higher end market.

For the Bali virgins - let's chat about getting around safely. What are the safest ways to get around? E.g. taxi's, Ubers, scooters? 

We use a wonderful driver in Bali who is reliable, careful and honest. Scooters are dangerous, Ubers are still in a grey zone in Bali so you can’t always get them. Taxis are good but can be quite dodgy.

Now to swim! In terms of the latest F E L L A swim collection - what shapes are you guys loving for SS19? 

High cuts, bandeaus and interesting cut outs.

 For any first time F E L L A women, which design/cut is bound to fit any shape beautifully? 

The Franco top and Mr Smith bottoms are winners for any shape or size.

 When hitting the beach, a woman's confidence should peak. What does F E L L A prioritise design wise, when considering the female shape? 

Our ranges are generally very big. We like to cater for a variety of shapes, sizes and heights in doing these larger ranges. We also have custom made swimwear available online which allows people to custom our original designs i.e. Get a size M cup with a size S band at a small additional cost.  

  When buying F E L L A online, best advice to ordering the correct size? 

Definitely check the detailed size chart. Also email ahead and ask questions, stating your current bra / underwear size if you are unsure. Our staff are well versed in our sizes and happy to help anytime.

In a few words, we need your local advice. 

Day Trip? Where are we heading & what do we need to get there (hire car/make a booking??) 

Uluwatu area. Driver for the day to take you there and back, make a booking at the new Omnia Japanese restaurant for lunch, swim at the beach all day...

Best spa for a TLC fix? 

Cocoon or Miracle

The most beautiful spot to book a day bed? 

Como Uma Canggu!

When traveling to Bali, what are 10 things every woman must pack? 

Fella swimwear of course, sunglasses, summer dresses, sandals, suncream, beach hat, surfboard, mossy spray, moisturiser, something sexy for nighttime dancing

For those with a green heart & the will to Namaste, top yoga/meditation studios? 

Yoga Barn, Desaseni

...And for the rest of us who "just can't even" without a morning coffee. Where do you guys head for your caffeine fix? 

Peloton café, Revolver Café.

Your top 5 restaurants & bars at the moment? Do we need to book ahead? 

In high season yes! One Eyed Jacks (Japanese), Fish Bone Local (seafood and cocktails), The Slow (boutique hotel breakfast lunch dinner or drinks), Mamasan (asian infusion), The Lawn (for drinks).

Yummiest local dishes to try? 

Nasi Goreng, Nasi Lamok

Surfing spots where you can surf and/or lay on the beach comfortably? 

Uluwatu (white sand beach) or Bingin.

When traveling within Bali, anything visitors must keep their eye out for?

Don’t drink the local water (you will be sick), always ask for the price of a taxi before you get in, be careful where you drink.

Respecting the locals when traveling is key! Help us out! Local terms for Hello, Thank You and Please? 

Indonesians either say good morning, or good afternoon or good eveneing. Selamat Pagi for morning, Selamat siang for afternoon and Salamat malam for evening. Thank you is Terima Kasih and please is silahkan. 

Shopping in Bali can bring out the cheekier locals & the pushier tourists! What's the trick to being balanced & fair when bartering? 

They will always start at the top and you will always start at the bottom. Meet in the middle. Don’t rip people off but don’t let yourself be ripped off either.