Models | Mar 30, 2019


It’s hard to pin point what is so unique about the beautiful @elizabethjamrozy. Born in Las Vegas USA this girl is sweet, grounded & perfectly pure! There is a lot to like about this blonde bombshell! Read our interview with this beach babe!

Models | Mar 29, 2019


The girl who has shot a Dolce & Gabbana campaign with Mario Testing (ummm, YES!), who lives for the crazy creatives in life, who dreams of going back in time to raid Jane Birkin’s wardrobe, who orders a side of fries with breakfast & has “learn to fly” on her bucket list - this is one individual after our own heart.

Models | Mar 29, 2019


We talk with Christine Burke, beach babe from San Diego who after two years of modelling is KILLING IT! Speaking with this energetic, honest & joyful cool cat could only be decided as a pleasure. Have a read below & you’ll fall in love too.

Models | Feb 28, 2019


With one of the most incredible bodies on the gram’ right now (& this is absolutely no exaggeration!), maintained with quite possibly the dreamiest combination of hot yoga + surfing, Liv is turning up the heat & a sea of heads are turning her way. Read up about this WA stunner now.

Models | Jan 31, 2019


Slipping in & out of her trio of homes in Sydney, LA & London, Gabby who was scouted & signed at just 14 years of age, is her own divine & defined person. She is everything we love at It’s Now Cool - bold, honest & unique. Read our interview with Gabby now!

Models | Jan 7, 2019


Every woman has a few goals to tick off during their career, right? Maybe there are a few mentors they’d love to hear from? Or footsteps they aspire to to follow. What if the footsteps you spire to follow belong to Beyoncé aka Queen Bey? Well! This is no worries for some…

Models | Jan 7, 2019


Beach babe, editorial model, past winner of ANTM & now swimwear designer / co-founder of the delicious new Australian swimwear label Kenni & Kai. Tahnee Atkinson (@tahnee711) is an Australian “It Girl” for more reasons than one.

Models | Nov 14, 2018


Elyse Knowles is a good friend to the It’s Now Cool family & she is on the rise in a big way. 2018 has been a magical year for the Australian bombshell and her road to success is not ending anytime soon. Below is an insight into the world that surrounds this little ray of sunshine. Elyse Knowles - you are a true, blue lil’ legend!

Models | Oct 22, 2018


With 1.3million followers around the world, three epic businesses to her name, SODA, Midnight Co. & Keep It Cleaner (relaunched Monday 15th of October) with fellow model Laura Henshaw, this is one impressive woman. Oh and did we mention she’s under 25? Ya.

Models | Sep 12, 2018


We chat with total beach babe Monique Bowie about her top tips of getting happy and healthy for the Summer season!

Models | Aug 31, 2018


Born in Perth and aimed for the stars, Miquela Vos (@miquelavos) is everything from bubbly and brave to bold and absolutley drop, dead beautiful. Her sweet nature is perfectly entwined with woman who oozes strength & utter determination. Beyond grounded, she’s not just your average model. Previously compared to Elle Macpherson aka “The Body,” Miquela stands her own ground with her own amazing career in the palm of her hands. This girl is a mega star with an incredibly wise head resting an outrageously fit bod!! Let’s chat!

Models | Aug 23, 2018


We chat with Aussie beach babe Bree Warren about living in NYC, shooting a Seafolly campaign and how to always keep a positive mindset!