Models | Mar 29, 2019

The girl who has shot a Dolce & Gabbana campaign with Mario Testing (ummm, YES!), the girl who lives for the crazy creatives in life … the girl who dreams of going back in time to raid Jane Birkin’s wardrobe, who orders a side of fries with breakfast & has “learn to fly” on her bucket list - this is one individual after our own heart. 

A wanderlust, wonderful, womanly, weapon … Jess Clarke (@roimata), you are one hell of a catch! With Maori in her blood & a smile that doesn’t quit - this Jess is young, wild & free!

It’s obvious why It’s Now Cool wanted to work with her & share her word & thoughts with you all below. All things beauty, style & general life - Jess has serious swagger, and we think, scrap that, we KNOW you’re going To Love Her.

Jess your Insty screams character & charm ... I love it! If there were 3 things to describe you, what would they be? 

 Messy hair, baggy shirts, big grin.

You have such natural swagger! I became lost in your Instagram feed just loving your effortlessly, rock'n'roll style. If you could slide into an older era for a few days - where do you see yourself... 80's/early 90’s?

70s/80s all my favourite icons are from that era! 

When it comes to style, what do you feel the most comfortable in? 

T-shirts and boots.

What makes you cringe on a shoot? Is there any style of fashion that you absolutely despise wearing? 

Hahah love this question. I don’t mind as I’m just the clothes hanger but bodysuits suck because I’m so tall and I get the maddest wedgy.

If I gave you permisson to rummage through a celebrity closest & take what you like, I can you see running to Kate Moss, Georgia Jagger or Sienna Miller (strangely all Brits!). Am I close? 

Nailed it. Jane Birkin also if I could go back in time. 

When it comes to swim, you looked incredible in the new SAME range. What style of swim is your go-to? 

Tie side, block colour bikini.

When you're in Aus, which beaches are you mostly like to visit? I bet you miss them when you're on the road?

Byron Bay and any other one where not too many people go, as I like to go topless.

Why does the life of a model suit you so well? What is it about this industry you love! 

I get itchy feet when I’m in a place too long. I’ve been a nomad since birth so it suits me. I love the crazy creative people! And the different cultures I get to experience. 

Is there anything you find difficult or anything that took you a while to adjust too? 

Myself being the focus of my job.

If there was one thing that would shock us all to know about you ... any intel? 

I’m half Maori, even though I’m white. 

Keeping toned & healthy is clearly a priority as you always look insane! What's your current preferred style of workout? 

Walk everywhere and reformer. 

Diet wise, your average day on a plate? Any naughties in the mix?  

I’m not a breakfast fan but I love a brunch on the weekends with my mates. My go-to’s are Açai bowls from Cali Press, or loaded salad with a side of fries. Gotta have a little Yin and Yang. 

You've done some incredible editorials during your career - any stand out shoots? 

I recently shot with Simon Upton for Jones magazine which comes out soon & I’m super stoked about. I absolutely love him and we got to go to Tasmania. 

The Dolce & Gabbana campaign with Mario Testino was also an all time favourite.

Lastly, your bangs! Many woman would dream for that fringe Jess. Any daily taming tips or products? 

Day of Grace by Evo Hair. Tames the curls 


In the spirt of the great Luke Perry's passing ... who has always been your ultimate crush? 

James Franco.

If I gave you a $50 note, what's the first thing you'd do with it? 

Try not spend it, I’m useless sometimes.

Beauty products you absolutely swear by? 

Dr Sturm serums. 

The best tip from a makeup artist you've ever received? 

Keep a disposable mascara brush in your bag to brush the brows. 

Are you a book, magazine, TV or Podcast girl?

All three. 

Pending the answer above - what are you watching/reading/listening to now? 

I’m reading Freya at the moment. I always get mags especially Grazia when I’m flying. And funny podcasts like ‘my brother, my brother and me.’

If we caught you at the bar, what are your ordering? Anywhere in the world, which bar might we find you in! 

A beer or tequila. A Pub or Casa Cruz in London near my house. 

Top 3 things on your bucket list are ... 

Jump out of a plane, eat at a Michelin star restaurant and learn to fly.