Models | Apr 13, 2016

Jessie Andrews, one of the most gorgeous, down to earth girls I have had the pleasure to work with. The LA based babe is immersed in the creative space with a successful jewellery brand, a budding modelling career and one of the most sought after DJ's internationally (she has just completed the Australian Stereosonic tour). We chat with Jessie about life, modelling and her amazing business.


Tell us in five words, who is Jessie Andrews?
Creative. Driven. Cut throat. Modern woman.

You’re were in town for Stereosonic… How was the tour down under?
Tour was amazing!!! It's like a dj summer camp.

Living in LA, what do you love about the east coast of the US?
I love the in between time or summer & winter. We work hard and play hard.

I am in LA for one night…. What do I do?
Go to Nice Guy, then out in Venice Beach or Silverlake.

Do you have more of a passion for modeling or DJ’ing?
I love them both. They work hand in hand. I would have never got to shoot with you if I wasn't in town for Stereosonic!

What has been your favourite job so far?
Possibly making jewelry & curating the brand.

What would be your dream job?
Anything creative

You have a brand Bagatiba – tell us a bit about this?
It's my jewelry brand that I built it from the ground up. Started in 2012 (it's my lil baby), I have the creative freedom to do whatever I want and it lets me access a different part of my brain. I hand make everything, shoot all the photos & all around just run it.

You have a killer rig, how do you stay in shape?
Recently it's been hot yoga, barre & pilates.

Secret cheat food?
My Aussie favorite is Fruit & Nut Dairy Milk & Tim Tams.

Where would someone find you on a Friday night?
Djing in a club or soaking in my bathtub.

Talk us through your beauty regime…
Since I just got a fringe I feel like it's acceptable to go out and not wear anything cause half my face is hidden! Haha. But Mascara, eyebrow gel & Nars lip pencil are my go to if I do!

Finish this sentence.

I can’t live without… Wifi

I can’t stop listening to… Majid Jordan

My favourite person in the world is… My best friend Sophie

I will never forget… How to spell my name

Something I wish I knew five year ago is… To save your money

In ten years you’ll find me… In no particular place

Summer is all about… Tan lines & beach waves