Keisha Dessaix // LE BUNS

Designer Interviews | Feb 28, 2019

Designers with a conscience is becoming more & more of a trend these days. People are doing their bit to look after the earth & the sea - and we LOVE it. It’s pushing the world of swim & fashion to challenge their natural way of doing things & when it doubt - innovate. 

LÉ BUNS (@lebuns_) designer, Keisha Dessaix, has taken innovation to a whole new level! Keisha has created the sexiest yet the most insanely comfortable line of lingerie & swim using innovative regenerated nylon, low impact natural organic fabrications, reconstructed recycled fibres (such as discarded fishing nets), that would otherwise be polluting oceans and endangering wildlife. Is this for real? You betcha! 

As well as this the LÉ BUNS brand has partnered with Share The Dignity in an effort to give back & make good deeds a pivotal part of their ethos. 

This woman, this brand is The Real Deal. We are beyond thrilled to invite this incredibly progressive & independant brand into the INC family & below you’ll find out why! 

LÉ BUNS is a range of highly considered swimwear, full of heart, depth & of course, the brand is bound to make every set of LÉ BUNS on the beach look pretty smokin’!

 First of all, I love the name & the tagline Lé Buns & "suns out, le buns out." !! Where did the name come from? Is the touch of French inspiration meaningful to you? 

It kind of just came to me - a bit of a cheeky innuendo that holds a meaningful ode to my French background & sense of humour. 

Tell us, if there was one major thing you wanted all shoppers to know about the Lé Buns brand, what would it be?

Each & every design has been carefully considered to ensure it compliments your body & your every move – comfortably. We will never release a style for the sake of something “new”. Our fabrication & designs are in development for months & months prior to being released to ensure perfection by the time they land on your buns. 

The eco-friendly element of the brand is clearly something of huge importance to you which is phenomenal. Is this something you become passionate about while working for The Prada Group &/or Paul Smith? 

Totally! During this time I developed a great appreciation for pieces that were highly considered & impeccably made. However (even with my staff discount) it became apparent that luxurious yet attainable pieces for the everyday seemed to be missing from the market. 

Your work with Share The Dignity is pretty amazing. Tell us about this! 

Giving back is so important, it helps us remember not to take things for granted, be grateful for what we have and share with those who who need it, so we can really make a meaningful impact in others lives. 

Share The Dignity and its founder Rochelle Courtenay have done incredible work in our community & we were very honoured to be a part of their work - over the Christmas period, for every 1 pair sold, we donated 1 pair to women in need.

This year I will continue to use our business position & network of conscious women to build values beyond eco positive change. I want to continue to help women in need in the community by partnering with change making charity organisations such as Share the Dignity (watch this space for International Women’s Day announcement). 

Debuting as a designer ... was there a particular moment during your career when you thought, "Right, it's time to break out & do my own thing!" Tell us about that moment.

Right before the inception of LE BUNS I was going through a transitional period in my career. I was really inspired by the industry I worked in yet I was still searching for that career spark & a challenge. Like a lot of working women, I would always be on the go - I’d be running between early meetings, squeezing in gym sessions before / after work and catching up with friends in between. I struggled to find contemporary, flattering, non daggy cotton (let alone Organic) & versatile pieces to suit my bustling lifestyle – lo & behold LE BUNS was born.

For any new and up & coming designers, what is one thing you know now that you wished you knew back on day one?  

This will be the most challenging yet rewarding journey you could take! Believe in yourself – never lose sight of your goals, if you work hard you will realise your full potential. 

You've attracted some epic attention from publications & platforms including Vogue & PopSugar! How did you go about building traffic & eyes on the brand? 

The support from media, influencers & the trade has been overwhelming and I am just so appreciative of everyone that’s believed in the brand! A lot of it has happened organically from maintaining our digital media Instagram / website etc and keeping it true to our vibe & values.    

Looking at your Instagram page, it's clear that Lé Buns loves & celebrates curves. YES! We love this so much! Was this a goal from the get go?

Yes! As a brand that shows a lot of skin & embraces less clothing than more - it’s a joy to celebrate the honesty of the beauty of the body in all shapes, sizes & forms! 

When the wild world of celebrities got ahold of your range (which they will very soon!!!) who would you love to see wearing the range?

Ashley Graham - what a Queen, enough said!

Miley Cyrus - if her team ever called me up to pull samples to re-film the “Wrecking Ball” clip I would be in actual heaven!  

If you could select anyone in Australia to be the face of Lé Buns - who would be an example of a dream ambassador & why? 

A few months back Elyse Knowles was shot by Josie & styled by Molly in LE BUNS. This is enough for us - what an incredible team of Australian women!  

Can you share any tips for gals buying the Lé Buns range online, regarding choosing the best style, fit & size for their shape? 

Love yourself and embrace the bod you’ve got, any style / cut worn with confidence will ooze with.

It's Now Cool is over the moon to stock a selection of Lé Buns! Your style is so feminine & flattering. What's next for the brand??!

We are so over joyed to now be partnered with the iconic INC, we have some beautiful things we’ve been developing that we can’t wait to share! From dreamy natural dyes to exclusive prints by an inspiring Australian artist…

 If future collaborations are on the cards, what kinds of brands do you aspire to work with? 

As a photographer, business owner & designer myself, I’m a huge fan of Josie’s work & the INC collection. I’m so excited about this partnership, there will be some epic things to come from this amazing collaboration of brands & women! 


Time to get to know this fabulous brand on a more intimate level!

If Lé Buns came to life & was a women for a day ... 

Her favourite album of all time would be ... 

Solange - A Seat at the Table

The Instagram accounts she'd stalk daily would be …

@refinery29 - for all things beauty and style whilst keeping it real

@celestebarber - providing the daily LOLs and reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously

@cntraveler - any excuse to get planning your next trip

Her perfect Sunday morning would be …

A lazy one - lie in, breakfast in bed, Netflix, eventually leaving the house to catch up with mates over food and a few drinks 

Preferred workout ... 

She would mix it up between a yoga or pilates class, boxing, swimming and hiking.

Her signature cocktail order would be …

Paloma - tequila and grapefruit soda

If she were president of the world, the first thing she'd change would be ... 

Ban single use plastics - water bottles, groceries wrapped in plastic, plastic bags, excessive packaging. BAN NOW!

Her Netflix binge would be …

GLOW - set in the 80s following a group of women trying to make it in the professional wrestling circuit. Hilarious and inspiring!

Her advice to women would be …

Support other women, stop being so hard on yourselves, surround yourself by people that make you feel good!

Her bag would always include 5 particular things. Those five things include …

Lip balm, SP50 sunscreen, headphones, sunglasses, metal straw

Best beauty tip/hack... 

Always wear SPF! Plus, a few drops of illuminator in your moisturiser the night before and wake up glowing.

If she could travel back to any year in history just for the day, it'd be... & why … 

The very first Coachella festival back in 1999 - incredible line up and imagine attending the very first festival in the valley!

If she was on the beach wearing flaunting her epic Lé Buns swimwear, she'd definitely be wearing the ... 

The Harlow and Chloe. The Harlow is a classic crop top, so comfy and providing all the support you need whilst The Chloe is a super flattering pant that provides the perfect amount of coverage. Underwear that can be worn on the beach, what more could you want?!