Designer Interviews | Dec 8, 2015

Launched in 2013, Kiini has gone from strength to strength with the label now being sold to over 200 stockists worldwide. Worn by the likes of Heidi Klum, Ellie Goulding and Maria Sharapova Kiini has become one of the most iconic and well-recognised labels out there!


What led you to the decision to launch your swimwear brand?
I was looking for a good bikini for myself and everything out there was a little too boring or too bling bling or too sexy or too expensive.

Tell us a bit about your journey and massive rise to becoming one of the most sought after bikini brands internationally?
I made the bikini sort of combination of different ideas and crochet items collected from around the world .. Then everyone started asking me about it on the beach. Then I produced a few hundred. And it started to have a cult following on social media thanks to some amazing people posting and writing about it.

If you weren’t designing swim what would you be doing?
Ah I had so many ideas and to be honest I was really confused on what to I started KIINI….I wanted to be a photographer/actress/designer/human rights fighter but in the end I was only fighting with myself and whoever was around at the wrong time. Hahah! I can say that I am really happy that I found a good place with KIINI to keep my mind busy and use my creative energy.

All your pieces are hand made – how do you go about producing some many unique items?
I work with crochet makers that are very professional and very organized. KIINI’s are manufactured in Asia but not in a factory setting. Crochet makers take the materials from a common place and them work from homes. Still our production has been quite limited despite the demand so we can control the quality. It is a science!

Who has been the most exciting person you have had wear KIINI?
I am not obsessed with celebrity culture so even though I am happy to see KIINI is liked and worn by many celebrities I get more excited when I see any person posting an amazing photo from a part of the world that I have never even heard of or the return customers that buy different colors. I also love when people post photos showing what I call KIINI SPIRIT. Love it.

But of course it was cool to see Ellie Goulding or Maria Sharapova or Heidi Klum. I am always the last one to find out but it’s a nice compliment.

If you could dress anyone KIINI, who would it be?
Hmm. Tough one, Grace Kelly in 60s, Bridgette Bardot in the 70’s, Grace jones in 80’s, , Laetitia Casta in the 90s and now Beyonce would look pretty hot, no? I don’t really know the answer to this actually. I am very happy when any woman who is stylish, confident and cool wears KIINIs

However I would have really liked to dress all the “angels” of a “certain company” who is blatantly copying KIINIs copyrighted design and send the photo to them as a nice slap in the face. Anyway, I’ll let my legal advisors deal with that

How would you describe KIINI in five words?
Bohemian, sporty, chic, galactic, fun

What do you think the most important thing is to remember when buying swimwear?
Like in everything you wear , the most important is to buy the right shape for your body type.. Also that too much coverage on the bum can be a disaster. Thankfully KIINI is flattering on lots of body types.

Where has Kiini been published?
Lots of magazines from W to Harpers Bazaar to various Vogue editions. Also master bloggers like Garance Dore and Menrepeller have a hige impact on the rise of KIINI. I never did PR other than my own social media so I can say I have been very lucky and blessed with all organic press.

Do you have any exciting future plans for KIINI?
Expand the line, build a new e-commerce site, turn KIINI into a lifestyle brand..

What is a quote or piece of advice you live by?
Keep it real!!!

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