Models | May 16, 2019

There is something so precious about a model who, if she could go down another career path, she’d pick the path that lead her to becoming a pilot! This chick is everything!! Sweet, driven, sexy & beautifully balanced. Not shy about admitting her sweet tooth & her favourite styes of workouts that keep her body in tip top shape, there is nothing not to like about this gal.

Kristina Mendoca (@kristinamendoca) is one who lives in the moment, for the moment. With a body built for the beach, her mind is set on going up, up & up … following the women she admires in this biz, such as the weapon, Adriana Lima. 

Interviewing Kristina was a pleasure. Shooting Kristina was a pleasure. SHE is simply a pleasure!

What was the biggest take away from 2018 in terms of things you loved & learned? 

I loved the experience of going to Burning Man. It is not just a “festival” that people think it is. Burning Man is mind blowing & it’s as if you are visiting a different world. The friendliness of people around you, the music, the connection that the 80,000 people create and the mind blowing art/ sculptures scattered around the actual burning man. I learned that giving and caring for people is a lot more rewarding than money or materialistic things. I will definitely be going back! 

I recently watched a cute little "Would You Rather" video featuring yours truly! I learned that would give up reality TV over chocolate! Huge call!! When you have a cheating moment - what is your go-to choc of choice? Any other naughties on your favourites list? 

Oh my goodness I have way too many naughties on my favourite list, everyone around me knows I have such a big sweet tooth! 

When I first met my boyfriend he used to hate sweets! I was such a savoury person but now I have turned him into a chocoholic! My all-time favourite sweet is caramel slice & I can never go past an ice cream shop without going in to check out their yummy flavours! 

Day-to-day, what would be your average day on a plate? 

I find this question very hard because I always change up my food. The best way to eat is everything in moderation I’d say! I do always add some greens onto my plate, I can never pass up a good salad. Yum! 

You're a swimwear queen & in such fantastic shape! How do you like to stay fit & toned? 

Well thank you! I have just started reformer Pilates and love it! It’s such an amazing work out for toning and stretching. I usually go 3-4 times a week :) I also get in at least 2 cardio sessions with my trainer a week. Those sessions will always get me trying to push new PBs.

If you're having a moment of self-doubt, which we all do from time to time, how do you get yourself out of the funk? 

I try to meditate as often as I can. I haven’t been doing it for too long but I can defiantly see/feel a difference. I started by using the app “headspace” :) My main helpline is my mum, she knows me better than anyone (even more than myself sometimes). If I am never feeling down or in a ‘funk’ she is always there to lift me up and get me back onto the right track. 

That gorgeously bronzed bod of yours is insane! Any products, tips or tricks when it comes to self-tanning? 

Sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen! Don’t worry everyone, you will still get a tan with sunscreen on! Before I go out or to the beach I will always load up with some sunscreen, the sun is so harsh and our bodies need as much protection as we can get. If I ever want to use some tanning oil, Photoskin is never far away. Photoskin is amazing and so hydrating. 

Being half Brazilian I think also helps with getting that bronzed look .

Talk us through your toosh! My gosh girl, it's killer! Best butt exercise when you want to feel a mega burn?!

It’s so crazy but I find working out my glutes the hardest! I cannot do a squat to save my life! It has been such a challenge for all my trainers to try out new exercises to activate them but my quads take over and then it’s game over. Pilates is the only form of workout where I can activate my glutes and get them working! 

I’ve always had a big bum. 

Modelling can be a tough world! Who do you look up too & what do you want the next few years of your career to look like? 

I really look up to Adriana Lima. She has been in the industry her whole life, so she has really seen it all. 

I really admire her ethics and the way she portrays herself. To me, it seems like she doesn’t care what people say or what they think. She does what she wants and how she wants which I love! 

What are you currently loving on Its Now Cool? Any stand out designers?

Can I say everything? It’s Now Cool have always got the best/latest stuff. I love all the brands and how Josie shoots them even makes it harder to choose a fave!!

The It's Now Cool following always go nuts over your pics! How do you prepare for a swimwear shoot?

Can never go too far without my oil for that body shine!

All About Mendoca!  

1. What's one of the most recent beauty discoveries/products you've come across lately... something you wish you found years ago? 

Ah jojoba youth potion!! 

2. You're boarding the long haul flight from Aus to LA. What snacks & other items will we find in your carry-on bag?

Nasal spray, headphones, under-eye patches, moisturiser, hand sanitiser and my T2 water bottle! 

3. If you were invited to the Oscars, who would be your dream Hollywood date + which designer would dress you?

Oooo that is so hard! I would have to say Channing Tatum!! (Second would be Zac Efron). I would choose Balenciaga, I’m sure they would get me in something very different that I would love! 

4. Any go-to artists on Spotify at the moment for workouts?


5. Regardless of the results, the style of workout you absolutely cannot stand


6. When you're in Sydney - your favourite cafes/bars to hang out in? 

Three Bean in Manly, Vida in Bondi and CK’s Bites in Balgowlah! 

7. What about when you're in Melbourne?

Ooo haven’t been to Melbourne that much, only in and out for work! 

8. If you were not modeling, you'd be ...

A pilot! 

9. What do you think you are best known for by your friends & family? 

Being a nudest 

10. In a game of truth OR dare ... which way are you going? 

Dare! Yolo hahahaha!