Lack Of Color

Designer Interviews | Oct 31, 2015

Based in Queensland, Lack Of Color has 25 amazing styles in this summer range and is stocked in order 50 worldwide stockists. Co-founded by Tess Corvaia and Robert Tilbury, Lack Of Color is synonymous with summer cool. We chat with Tess about why she launched the brand, the story behind the name and who she would LOVE to see wearing her awesome range of hats.


Where did you come up with the name LACK OF COLOR?
The very first hats that we ever did for Lack of Color were really bright and vibrant in colour, so we thought it would be an ironic twist. We are also big Death Cab for Cutie fans and they have a song title of the same name.

What led you to the decision to launch your hat brand LACK OF COLOR?
Rob and I have both been encompassed in the fashion world for some time. We really wanted to create something that was unique and saw a destination for our vision. We have a killer collection of our own vintage finds, so we thought, why not? We wanted to create something that is classic and timeless in design, yet affordable. We found most luxury hat brands were out of reach for the everyday consumer and we wanted to be able to offer a quality product that was an affordable alternative.

Who is the LACK OF COLOR girl?
The Lack of Color girl is understatedly cool. She knows what she wants. She isn’t afraid to be bold and stand out from the crowd. She’s edgy and chic. But she’s also sweet and elegant. She knows that a hat is going to transform her look and finish off her outfit perfectly. “The cherry on top”. P.S. she’s the girl you could walk past in the street that you may never notice…

Where has LACK OF COLOR been published?
We have been published on so many amazing platforms. Vogue online has been a big achievement for us. We have been published in pretty much every Australian fashion magazine there is throughout the life of LOC. We have also had huge support from online publications and blogs including Oyster, Russh and C-Heads.

The thing about our product is that it’s so versatile and appeals to a lot of different people in different ways, so we are able to get a greater reach from a range of publications which has been fantastic.

Who has been the exciting person you have had wearing LACK OF COLOR?
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was a pretty big ‘pinch yourself’ moment for us. It’s also amazing having long time fans in actress Vanessa Hudgens and blogger Chiara Ferragni.

If you could dress anyone in LACK OF COLOR who would it be?
Ahhh, there are so many people we would love to dress in LOC. Erin Wasson is a major hat wearer and would rock the hell out of an LOC. Would also love to see Gigi Hadid in one of our hats as she embodies the killer Californian summer vibes we are all about. And of course Mr Depp.

What is your favourite summer style?
I love a cute little, flowy summer dress. I’m a sucker for anything in a white hue. I also love to pair a vintage tee with jeans or shorts.

If you could shoot any model in any part of the world who and where would it be?
Kate Moss or Freja Beha would be ultimate. Would love to shoot in the South of France.

How would you describe LACK OF COLOR in five words?
Eclectic. Confident. Cool. Trail blazer.

Do you have any exciting future plans for LACK OF COLOR?
We have lots of exciting future plans for LOC. This is just the beginning. We would love to work on growing the brand worldwide. Stay tuned….

What is a quote or piece of advice you live by?
Always Strive and Prosper (A$VP)

Summer is all about…
Friends. Sun. The salty Ocean. Late nights, early mornings.