Designer Interviews | Mar 19, 2019

Think young. Think wild. This free … Think OMG, YES PLEASE!

If you’re yet to come across this insanely, incredible brand out of the UK, you’re in for a treat. Say hello to les girls les boys. 

les girls les boys (@lesgirlslesboys), is a powerful, striking & sexy range that, to be frank, doesn’t give a toss about anything except for the person who is wearing their swim. If their customers feel confident, liberated & over the freakin’ moon about themselves, then the team have definitely done their job. 

This is a brand with heart, soul & killer style. 

les girls les boys conveys the message that we should be living without boundaries. Why conform to the norm when instead you could take the stage & stand out! As the designers say below, they’re designing for the people who inspire them. These people are “…real people, people who love a laugh, people who enjoy life and respect each other, our friends, our families, people we see on the street … rebels, nerds”… everyone! 

Kudos to a brand who has the balls to act before they react. We have a feeling that the world is going to see much, much more from les girls les boys for years to come. And we’re stoked to now stock a collection of their killer range, right here at It’s Now Cool.

This brand is so rad! It makes me think of the earliest American Apparel days ... completely fresh & revolutionary! What fulled the fire in terms of getting the brand off the ground?

Having hung out with my kids and their friends over the years I noticed there was nothing out there speaking to todays generation. I wanted to create something unfiltered, unpretentious and truly honest. I wanted to empower rather than define people. I wanted to promote cross cultural mindsets and diverse identities.  

I felt that many brands were selling unrealistic ideals that were damaging young peoples perception of themselves - I believe it is time for change - I want people to be happy in their own skin and be down with who they are and we are trying to promote that in all we do

The brand is founded by Serena Rees - the genius behind Agent Provocateur. What would you say the two brands have in common?

Despite the fact the two brands could not be more opposed, in a strange way there are a few things that the two brands have in common. They are both brands that were founded on a similar ideal. Back in the early 90’s Agent Provocateur was promoting a celebration of femininity, we were saying, don’t be afraid of your sexuality, but embrace it - it is your power.  It was definitely a positive message and unfortunately after selling the brand the new owners didn’t really understand the original concept of the brand and just got more and more explicit and over sexualised as have many other brands including Victoria Secret.  

In the way that the message for Agent Provocateur in the 90’s was so right for that moment in time, I really believe that the timing is right for Les Girls Les Boys, promoting positive messaging for all - them, us, girls, boys etc etc. Be who you are & don’t feel you have to be anything else - being who you are is the best you can be!

So both brands are essentially about empowering the customer, letting the customer project themselves in a positive way as well as making good quality, cleverly designed , well priced, cool garments with a a sense of fashion in an ethical way.

In the Australian market, the Les Girls Les Boys range absolutely stands out with it's laid back yet sexy, street vibes. What drew the brand to It's Now Cool and the Australian market in general? 

It's that laid back 'bed to street to beach' attitude that we've founded our designs on at les girls les boys. Our modern intimates are intended to be layered and versatile. Why not wear your swimsuit as a body under sweats or denim?

The concept of the new "liberal generation" is something yet to be really acknowledged in the world of swimwear ... until you guys! Are you finding that people are warming to this element of your design & branding, i.e. it's a brand for everyone! 

Totally. We don't like to be defined by titles or words at les girls les boys. Our clothes are made to be shared, between friends, family, lovers... across generations, genders and sexualities. The people that wear our brand definitely get that.

The Scoop Back One Piece in Leopard (available on It's Now Cool) is a must have! It's so Jamie Lee Curtis / 1980's aerobics vibes! Who are some definite Les Girls Les Boys muses?

Real people, people who love a laugh, people who enjoy life and respect each other, our friends, our families, people we see on the street … rebels, nerds, people who love without boundaries..

The pink Bubblegum colour, (also available on It's Now Cool) is hugely popular at the moment in swim. In contrast to the rest of your range, it's quite a feminine pop. Is part of your strategy to not swing too far either way i.e. not too feminine /not too masculine?

Yeah, we all have a spectrum of personality! You can be masculine and wear pink? Or super femme in a track suit. Mix it up, have fun and don’t stick to rules.

The aesthetic of your website & ecom store is something to be checked out for sure. It's unpretentious, straight to the point & HOT! When you're casting the models, what tends to be your go-to look & personality?

It's all about their characters. We get to work with really amazing people. They've all good side-gigs, whether they're studying Philosophy or Graphic Design... are up and coming rappers or visual artists... On a recent shoot one of the models was hand embroidering a bum bag for Adwoa Aboah's International Women's Day Boiler Room set! It's all about their characters and energy. 

The Australian beaches are constantly buzzing with people who live for the surf. Many of your designs are actually perfect for girls to surf in. The Track Brief especially. Is functionally a prioroty when designing?

Absolutely!! Comfort, function and fit are key.. our designs aren't compromised.

The line you guys use to describe your range, "always prioritising comfort with a little bit of grit," is so brilliant. What's the best piece of feedback your team have received? 

That our products are BETTER than anticipated. The quality exceeds price point.

Moving forward - what can we expect to see from the Les Girls Les Boys swim range?

More print, new shapes...


If there was a new female ambassador for the brand in 2019 - the dream girl would be?

Same as our muses! Someone who loves to laugh, enjoys life and respects people, someone who lives without boundaries. Not gender-specific

In your mind, heading to the beach for a day - what are the 5 things you would not leave the house without?

Water, SPF, good music, good friends and les girls les boys swimwear. 

If the brand had a voice - what would be the first thing it'd tell it's customers?

Be down with who you are.

If the brand came to life, what three personality traits would he/she absolutley have?

They'd love to laugh and live without boundaries.

Design wise, a contrast source of inspiration is …

Art, music, fashion, life.

Best word of advice for any new, up & coming designers?

Trust yourself.

Other than your own brand, which other British designers & brands should more of us Aussies be aware of?!

Random Identities, Rockins and Tara Turner.