Lilly Cobon

Models | Oct 30, 2015

Bronzed stunner Lilly Cobon is the ultimate sun-kissed, laid back beach babe! With a soft spot for Big Macs, a guilty vice of frozen margaritas and Mexican food and her favourite workout listed as boxing this girl is really pretty epic!! We caught up and chatted with our gorgeous INC BABE about her dream job, cheat food and how she stays in shape!


How did you get into modeling?
I was scouted on social media, by my Queensland agency, after I won a competition to model for my favourite clothing brand (at the time)

What has been your favourite job so far?
Hmm it's hard to pick a favourite but, the most fun I've had on a shoot so far was when I shot the Macgraw lookbook with a petting zoo of baby goats and lambs

What do you love most about modeling?
I love the freedom it gives me to travel around the country and world yet still keeps me grounded due to the hard work and commitment it takes

What would be your dream job?
Anything that takes me to a level where I can work alongside the fashion icons of the world

How do you stay in shape?
Power walks, yoga, boxing and barre classes

If you could do a shoot anywhere, with any international photographer for any brand what would it be?
Barcelona, with Mario Testino for the cover of Vogue

Favourite exercise?

Secret cheat food?
Big Mac sauce

Where would someone find you on a Friday night?
Probably drinking cheap frozen margaritas at my local Mexican restaurant

Talk us through your beauty regime..
I keep it simple by exfolitating, moistuisting (religiously) and staying hydrated