Models | Feb 28, 2019

It’s insane how many mega models come out Perth. The little coastal city, all the way over on the west side absolutely kills it in terms of breeding jaw dropping beauty. Talk about the power of the underdog … Perth is a goldmine! World renowned models, epic surf breaks & enough sunshine to last a lifetime - um, hell yes!? It’s no wonder we stumbled across yet another western weapon to work with recently … Liv Pollock (@liv.pollock) … a gal on the rise.

With one of the most incredible bodies on the gram’ right now (& this is absolutely no exaggeration!), maintained with quite possibly the dreamiest combination of hot yoga + surfing, Liv is turning up the heat & a sea of heads are turning her way. 

It’s Now Cool had a blast splashing around with Liv recently, while shooting our latest swim. She blitzed the shoot just like she’s blitzing every step forward in her career.

Despite being in LA for the Vanity Fair Oscar party, Liv squeezed in an interview with us, so you guys could catch a glimpse inside her grounded & beautifully balanced lifestyle. From beauty, to fitness to travel & insights into what her fellow Aussie beau cooks for her - this is the lovely Olivia Pollock.

Liv! Your career is booming right now! If there were a few words to summarise how you're feeling about life at the moment, what would they be? 

I’m feeling amazing at the moment! Everything in my life is at a perfect balance. I’m feeling very optimistic and motivated and can’t wait to see what happens next.  

Perth is often underestimated because of its size but there's a lot of hidden gold in the wild west. What would you love more people to know about Perth? 

Perth is the best place on the planet, in my opinion. A totally hidden gem. We’re spoilt with our gorgeous, untouched coast lines and our relatively small population gives us the luxury of space. 

Body wise - um WOW!!! You're in killer shape Liv! What's your go-to workout regime at the moment? How many times a week are you cracking a sweat? 

I aim to try and get to the gym most mornings. If this isn’t possible I do a heated yoga class in the afternoon or make my way to the beach for a sunset surf. 

What do you find to be a particular killer exercise - but you see & love the results? 

I find my heated yoga classes to be an absolute killer! They definitely produce the quickest results and I love the toning I see in my core.

Talk to us about your hair & skin, both lush & glowing. Which products/brands are you loving at the moment?  

I honestly don’t use many products. My favourite few however are Olaplex and Brazilian Bum Bum cream. Olaplex is a hair treatment designed to repair the hair’s bonds. I also find it leaves my hair feeling super silky and smooth. The Bum Bum cream is just an awesome full body moisturiser, which smells amazing! 

The night before a swimwear shoot - what does the preparation entail? 

I love to do a yoga session the night before a shoot, for a good sweat sesh. Yoga leaves my skin feeling great and my body toned. Coupling the yoga with a clean healthy dinner and a good night sleep, I’m be ready to go.

The new Minimale Animale range looks as if it was made for your figure. Any particular favourites styles from the collection? 

I absolutely love the new range! The neon colours are amazing and so vibrant. My favourite pieces were probably the bright pink one piece and leopard print kini.

Living in the states, you're exposed to some amazing designers. When it comes to daywear, which designers/stores are your regulars?

For sure! There are so many amazing designers and stores in America, a true test of my self-control while I’m on a budget! My favourite stores/brands are Coco and Lola, Tigerlily, Hansen and Gretel, By Nicola and Bec + Bridge.

For those who don't know, you're also quite the brain as-well! Studying architecture is no easy feat, what drew you to the course? 

I was drawn to architecture purely by my love of design and obsession with houses. I took a gap year to travel and focus on my modelling & in doing so, I realised that I’m actually more interested in interiors. I am hoping to start an interior architecture course this year. 

On a day off, walk me through your dream schedule? 

My dream schedule would start off with a sleep in, followed by a beach walk and swim with my dogs. I’d back this up with a big brekky, a surf and some yoga! Ending the night with a movie in bed.



 If we opened your bag on any given day we'd always find ... 

Lip balm 


Hair bands 

Turkish towel


For those who have never been to Perth - top 3 places to visit/see? 

Rottnest Island 

Margret River (3.5hours south of Perth)


Are you more Coachella vibes or Burning Man vibes?


You'd love your next holiday to be in ... 


Five beauty products you swear by? 

Bert’s Bees - lip balm 

Olaplex - hair formula

Brazilian Bum Bum - moisturiser cream

Batiste - dry shampoo

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Liquid 

The last time you were star struck it was because you saw/met? 

Hailey Baldwin

You're attending a dinner & seated in between two VS models ... who would you love them to be?

Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel

Food wise, your guilty pleasure?

Pasta, chocolate and sour lollies

It's your night to cook - what's on the table? 

Pesto Pasta 

Dacre's night to cook - what's on the table? 

Rigatoni Pasta 

The biggest thing you miss about Australia when you're away? 

Our unreal beaches and Aussie accent!