Models | Aug 31, 2018

Born in Perth and aimed for the stars, Miquela Vos (@miquelavos) is everything from bubbly and brave to bold and absolutley drop, dead beautiful. Her sweet nature is perfectly entwined with woman who oozes strength & utter determination. Beyond grounded, she’s not just your average model. Previously compared to Elle Macpherson aka “The Body,” Miquela stands her own ground with her own amazing career in the palm of her hands. This girl is a mega star with an incredibly wise head resting an outrageously fit bod!! Let’s chat! 

There's a stellar list of top models from Perth, (Gemma Ward, Nicole Trunfio, Rosie Tupper, Courtney Eaton, Jessica Gomes, Jess PW, Megan Gale... yourself!!). For career sake, it's vital that models from the West move interstate or OS at an early age. How do you find the travel? And apart from Perth, where else feels like home-sweet-home? 

Yes, I think its crucial to move over east or overseas. As much as I love Perth & it will always be my home, I had to bite the bullet and leave my friends and family to see what I could make of my modelling career. I actually enjoy travelling and weirdly enough, I love flying (especially long hauls!). I think it’s great alone time haha. 

At first I felt quite out of my comfort zone but I’ve learnt how to be happy in my own company & how to make the most of visiting and living in new cities. 

Apart from Perth, Los Angeles feels like another home to me. I have a great group of friends that are like family. The last time I left LA, it actually reminded me of the way I felt the first time I left Perth for modeling work. 

Growing up, which top models did you admire?

Gisele Bündchen and Elle Macpherson.

As well as Australia, you're represented in the US, Italy & Germany. Give INC the brutal truth, if you had to relocate to 1 of the 3 for one year, where & why? 

As much as I love every city I’ve visited, I’d have to say Los Angeles. 

The opportunities there are incredible and the LA lifestyle suits me very well. I’m a summer girl at heart & don’t cope very well in the winter, so I’m in heaven when in LA!

Although, LA is a huge city & it can feel quite overwhelming. The good thing is, it’s not too hard to escape, get out of the city & have a breather. There are so many close places you can visit. I like to head into the mountains where I can ski or snowboard or I go for a visit in San Diego. I absolutely adore San Diego. I go as much as I can.

 Talk to INC about those abs of yours!!! You've swam the Rotto Swim, skied in Japan, trained at world famous Dogpound NYC (also where many of the VS angels train). For you personally, what’s your ultimate workout? And what is it you look for in a workout? 

My ultimate workout is a cardio based workout, with a strong core focus. I have Scoliosis so keeping my core strong is so important. I can tweak my back from literally walking on a slightly uneven path!

All the sports I played when I was younger were all intense cardio sports (netball, track & field 200m and 400m, swimming etc). Coming from a background like that, I feel that when I’ve exhausted myself to the point my legs feel like jelly & I’m so out of breath I could vomit - this is when I get the best results! :)

When it comes to modeling, have you ever had a sudden moment of fear or doubt mid-shoot? How did you overcome it? 

I’m pretty lucky in the sense that I haven’t had a huge moment of doubt or fear mid shoot. I always try to keep as happy & as positive as possible, and I give everything a good crack - even if its well out of my comfort zone.

Having said this, when I was standing on the edge of a really high cliff in Launceston, Tasmania shooting for Cosmopolitan and it was windy and cold … this was a different story. I have a fear of heights so I literally thought I was going to freeze up there and just roll off the edge into the water…(haha … but seriously!). 

I think it’s just important to be comfortable around you team, keep good lines of communication and always speak up if you feel even a little bit uncomfortable during a shoot. Models should never be afraid to ask the creative team they’re working with for as as much direction & encouragement as you they need.

This industry is super tough on women. What's your mantra when it comes to self-esteem & body confidence? 

To feel as confident as you can I think it’s important to eat healthy. Having said this, don’t be too hard on yourself! Just make sure to exercise regularly to get those endorphins pumping!! 

My honest advice with body confidence is to just say. “f*** it!” Get out there & show off what you have! If someone has a negative opinion, don’t take it personally… especially if it’s on social media & you don’t know them personally. 

Just back yourself & feel a strength come from confidence. I know it’s easier said than done but trust me. If you feel happy and you know you’ve worked hard, just go for it.

Advice for all women? 

People only criticise others when they are insecure about themselves.

INC loves a high cut, Brazilian & string bikini bottom because, why not feel proud to show off your toosh?! Help a sister out, tips for a toned & peachy keen cheek?

Ooo okay I love a good ass workout! Especially when you can’t sit down the next day because everything is THAT sore. That’s when you know your hard work is working!

At the moment, I’ve been doing Lagree Fitness. It literally kills you & you’ll see a change (in terms of tone definition) after just 3 sessions. It’s tough! You get the muscle shakes pretty quickly. 

Other than Lagree, 2-3 weight sessions a week will definitely tone your bum. Long runs, sprints & trail walking up hills are also all epic. Your bum will look killer in your swim this summer if you incorporate some of these workout ideas into your daily routine.

You're the classic Aussie water-baby who lives in swimwear! From the list of brands at INC, what have you got your eye on?

Everything.. legit. 

I love simple swimwear, so anything red, white or black - I'm all over! A push up style bikini top is a favourite style of mine, as I need anything I can get to be honest. I’ll definitely get my hands on some epic INC swim this summer. 

You've been compared to Elle Macpherson aka "The Body" before ... where do you want to take your modeling career? 

I want to take my modelling career as far as I can. Most importantly however, I want to be happy & love every second of my career. I always want to be & feel passionate about it. 

Who know’s where it will take me but I hope I can make a few of my dreams come true! I always have to remind myself that nothing comes easy, everything takes hard work and perseverance.

Miss Vos, Think Quick!

You had to compete on Survivor or The Amazing Race? 


You can choose three VS supermodels to join your team of four in the Rotto Swim - go?!

Oh my god, I have no idea! I haven’t seen any of them swim haha but cardio wise I feel like Adriana Lima (@adrianalima), Josephine Skriver (@josephineskriver) and Izabel Goulart (@izabelgoulart) would be a good choice. 

Green Smoothie or Strong Coffee kinda gal?  

Strong coffee. Hands down.

Something we’d never find you without?

My earphones. I love music because it can can lift my mood instantly if I’m feeling not quite myself. 

Your walking down the treats aisle at the supermarket what is your 1 guilty vice?

I used to be a huge sweet tooth but I’m not so much anymore. If I had to though, I’d definitely grab peanut M&Ms or chocolate coated Oreo’s (I’ve just discovered them and oh my god, they are insane!!!) 

If we found you in the Guinness Book of Records; what would you be in there for?

Probably for the most amount of days without wearing shoes. I’m always barefoot, especially in summer.

Slimming down your carbon footprint is now trending (thank god!) How are you contributing to a greener world? 

When I travel, I always choose public transport & I walk everywhere!

Netflix or Stan?!

Netflix for sure.

Two accounts you unapologetically stalk on the gram?!

Jesica Sepel (@jshealth) for the best health treats, health food ideas and body confidence. And Simone De La Rue (@bodybysimone) for added health inspo!

Someone’s offering you & a mate free tickets ... do you choose an all-access-pass to Coachella 2019 OR the Tokyo Olympics 2020!?!

100% the Tokyo Olympics! I went to the Rio Olympics and I’ve never experienced anything like it. I’d go back in a heartbeat. 

I think Tokyo is going to be out of this world in 2020!