Models | Sep 12, 2018

There is ONE season to go until summer truly hits. The smell of fresh salt water & thick, delicious coconut oil could not come fast enough. Nor could the sound of crashing waves or the feeling of steamy summer nights & those warm sunrises that make you smile before your eyes can even open. 

The nation is about to strip down into some killer swimwear & relocate to real estate gold… The Ocean. Before then, anyone in need of a little TLC for their beach bod & their summer vibes? INC’s hand is well & truely up - so let’s get down to business. We’ve reached out to one of Sydney’s women of the moment for her tips on getting our beach booty into shape so that it’s ready to flaunt from Bondi & beyond. 

Monique Bowie (@monlbowie) - hello sunshine. 

Get that game face on people! Set the alarm 30 - 45 minutes earlier, slide into some insane active wear (check out our store to get around the national uniform that is P.E Nation) & squeeze in the following routine. For the euphoric hit of endorphins we’re all guilting of pining for, it’s super simple. Go hard or go home. 

To amplify the bod, awaken the skin and kick start the postive vibes, take it away Bowie… 

1. BOOTY. 30 squats x 3reps. Grab something heavy in your hands to make it a little harder & hold a pulse squat at the end for 30 secs to really burn your behind. 

2. ABS. Play a killer song with a super fast beat. Keep your ear on the beat & stick with it, don’t fall behind. Try to smash a set of crunches or bicycles on your back. Get through the entire track. To really test yourself, when the track ends - press rewind, hit play & do it all again. 

3. LEGS. Squat jumps is what you want to nail! 3 – 4 sets of 30. You get a great deep burn in your quads from this. Be sure to land with your knees soft so your knees don’t take the impact of your landing.

4. WAISTLINE. Side planks and dips are the BEST for a slim waistline and strong obliques! Hold your side plank for 1 minute each side and dip 15 times each side for 3 sets. It’ll hurt - but that means brilliant things are happening. 

5. SKIN. I know everyone has heard this before but WATER is the best way to keep your skin clear and plump! Diet is a huge factor too. I keep my skin clean and moisturised all the time, especially during summer or if I have a spray tan. 

6. SMILE. I find I am happiest when I’ve worked out that morning or after a call with a friend who makes me laugh! Even a swim first thing in the morning just as the sun comes up. Could be anything ... getting fresh air or even something breaky related.

7. MIND. Meditating is great, although I do find it hard to get it in everyday. I love self help books too. I recently read a book my boyfriend gave me called The Four Agreements!! Highly recommend! 

8. CONFIDENCE. Do something that makes you feel good and give yourself a pep talk! Personally, I love a blow dry or a spray tan! Just the little things that make you feel great.  

9. SEXINESS. Same as above, although I do love shopping for sexy lingerie, wearing a fab new bra and panties makes always makes me feel sexy! 

10. GLOW.  Again, diet and exercise where it starts! A tan never hurts either or a good cream highlighter! I feel if you are happy and feeling good about yourself you will glow :)

A little more on Monique before we let her go!

Which swim brands/styles are currently grabbing your eye on INC? 

I loooove minimal bikini styles! So my favourite is the G-string pant or cheeky pant with a basic crop! 

Who are you currently loving on the gram?

I love @kelseywells for inspiration in the gym! As well as @thegoodquote... I LOVE @valentina_muntoni she is my style icon and girl crush!!!

Your favourite 3 beaches (anywhere in the world)? 

I LOVE Thomas beach in Uluwatu, Kalafati beach in Mykonos and Hyams beach!

If we caught you doing your grocery shop, what 5 things will we always find in your trolley? 

A little basic but always broccoli, spinach, avocado, eggs, organic chicken.

Saturday morning brunch? Current favourite spot, favourite order post workout?  

Anywhere near the beach! I love North Bondi Fish for a lunch with the girls! My favourite order post workout is either a green bowl with kale and quinoa or avocado toast! 

What makes you feel dam right sexy!?

Sexy lingerie, a blow dry, or a tan. Ideally … all 3! 

Summer is not far off, any Sydney hot spots you're dying to check out? 

Dying to get to the beach on weekends and love going for drinks anywhere with a view of the water in the late afternoons!  

What part of your body/mind do you love more and more and more with age?

I have found I am loving my body more as I get older. My outlook on life is continually changing, and since my mum passed, I have become more patient and I don’t let things get to me as much.

Miss M Bowie, you can sing! Will you be singing more & if so where do we go to hear you/see you! 

Ha!!! Its a little hidden talent I guess. I'd love to get singing lessons one day - maybe then I'll be a little more public with it!