Models | Aug 19, 2019

Sweet, smart & sincere is exactly what pops into our mind when thinking about Australian model turned designer, Natalie Roser. With a smile that melts hearts & a body that does not quit - Roser is one hell of a force to be reckoned with. 

Nat’s beauty, however, is absolutely not her defining trait. It’s her entrepreneurial spirt & her never tiring energy levels that allow her to stand tall in an acclaimed category deemed, The Real Deal. Nat is a rare gem who builds businesses from the ground up & aligns with existing brands that are bounded by meaningful values & a kickass ethos. She’s a powerhouse, an honest being and let’s face it - a pretty cute gal, currently hustling in LA with her adored actor beau.  

Celebrating other woman, their unique bodies & their collective killer brain power is Nat’s true passion. To see what we mean, you only have to check out her latest venture, @roseandbare... a brand of lingerie that gives new meaning to the term “nude.” 

Nat works tirelessly to highlight those around her - so now, it’s time to highlight the mega-babe herself, Natalie Jayne Roser (@natalie_roser), in all her spectacular glory.

It's currently winter in AUS, but summertime for you now that you're an LA babe! How has the move been? You're almost a local there now! 

The move was a challenge but now that we are settled it’s amazing. It look almost a full year living in LA for it to really start to feel like home but now I love it.

You've relocated back & forth between Sydney, Melbourne and LA quite a few times with modeling - where do you feel the most at home & where is best for your career? 

Home for me is always where my partner Harley is. I travel a lot but if we’re together I don’t mind it as much. Melbourne and Sydney are also pretty strong bases for me though. And they probably always will be. Australia really is just the best country! 

Talk to us about LA! For the aspiring models, actors & others who're planning on making the move - give it to us straight ... What do we need to know before committing to anything? 

Prepare to feel overwhelmed! It’s such a big, ‘exciting’ city and I feel like when you live there it’s very easy to get swept up in the craziness. It’s a very social city with a lot of transient visitors so you can be very busy. If you value your down time I think it’s super important to actually set time aside for that and stick to it! 

Your lovely beau is a fabulous Australian actor. Is acting something you'd like to dabble in yourself? 

Oh no! Not so much. It’s been amazing learning about the industry from Harley, but I also see the passion and commitment it takes. For me, my heart just isn’t in it. But I love watching the actors around me thrive and practice their craft! 

Living in the land of spin classes, yoga & green smoothies, what does your weekly workout routine look like at the moment?

Pilates, Pilates, Pilates! I love it! I do about 5 classes a week, alternating between private and group! The fad classes are fun for a visit or two but I just always end up traveling back to my reformer Pilates. I just love the burn. 

Diet wise - anything you're currently ruling out/eating more of? 

I’ve been really packing my morning smoothies full of extras lately! I usually have blueberries, banana, almond milk and protein powder. Plus I’ve been adding magnesium and a liver detox greens supplement which I’m loving! I need all the help I can get when it comes to adding greens to my diet! 

The Celery Juice Fad ... did you hit this trend? What were the benefits if so? 

So love the idea of this, but I HATE celery. I should try it. Hopefully I like the juice better because I’ve heard amazing things about having a celery juice first thing in the morning! 

You're the real life little miss sunshine, for all the best reasons. Your glowing skin, healthy blonde locks & sweet smile all scream health, happiness & natural beauty! Any tips & tricks for us regarding maintaining the condition of your skin? Even while balancing a full time modeling career, involving constant days on set getting your hair & makeup done. 

I’m definitely not always glowing! Dehydration hits me hard after flying and long work days! But I have a few very easy things that I follow to try and keep everything at its best. 

The main thing is drinking plenty of water! Especially when flying. For every 4 hours that you fly, you lose 1 litre of water! So I try to keep that in mind to make sure I’m always hydrated from the inside and then I take care of my skin on the outside. 

I’ve found that using less products is best for my skin. I removed all cleansers and toners, using only a simple sorbelene cream to remove my makeup daily. It’s also helps hydrate at the same time, and then I add a nice face oil to my skin. I’ve been loving Sonya Dakar products. This works for me! 

Your new lingerie line, Rose & Bare (@roseandbare) celebrates women, diversity, self confidence & feeling good in your own, killer body! We LOVE this as it's also what It's Now Cool is all about! Apart from versatile, good quality underwear, what was your main intention behind the brand? 

So spot on! Rose and Bare was born out of a loud gap in the underwear being offered to Australian women. We live in such a beautiful, multicultural country, so how were there no other nude options for women other than the run of the mill, tired, old beige?! This was the driving force behind Rose and Bare. I wanted to show women that nude isn’t boring and that nude is definitely not one shade. 

Let's talk swim! On the It's Now Cool site right now, what are you currently eyeing off?

ALL OF IT! Still obsessing over the colour block INC swim pieces! 

Tips for women purchasing swimwear online? 

If you have a bikini shape you love, stick with it. Change up the fabrics and prints, but keep the cut similar. That way you know you’ll look bangin’ in it!! 

Before a shoot with It's Now Cool (which you've nailed many of in the past!), what does your breakfast & morning routine consist of?

Moisturise!! Oil up and usually try and be as warm as possible in preparation for a chilly morning. Breakfast would be light. So some fruit or my smoothie and we usually have a coffee break mid morning! Followed by a HUGE lunch! 


1. Best hangover cure?

Cinnamon cereal... a lot we are so limited in Australia with our cereal options!! 

2. Current Netflix obsession? 


3. If you would walk in the shoes of someone else for a day, who would it be & where would you walk them? 

Layne Beachley and head straight to the surf. I’d love to feel what’s its like to catch a perfect wave! 

4. Top 5 places to eat/hang in LA?

Bluebottle Coffee


Backyard Bowls

Locanda Veneta 

Joan’s on 3rd 

5. Your favourite LA spots in terms of hair, skin & beauty? 

To be honest I love coming back to Australia for my beauty treatments! Sydney and Melbourne have amazing options. However, I love the facials at Sonya Dakar in LA! A good pamper facial with natural products. 

6. Tell us what is currently in your beauty bag that you're obsessing over? 

I’m loving the Tanned tanning range. I’ve been tanning non-stop to keep my skin looking healthy and golden! 

7. You do not leave the house without?

Unfortunately my phone. 

8. Apart from seeing your family & friends, what is the first thing you do when landing back in Australia? 

Head to Bondi! I love a morning walk along to sand. 

9. You love the modeling industry because of this reason ...

It’s a way for me to express my creativity. 

10. Year after year, you find the modeling industry challenging because of this reason ...

The travel that takes me away from loved ones.