Designer Interviews | Oct 31, 2015

We just love this label! The simple silhouettes, awesome colours and signature styles makes this a must have for every summer wardrobe! Having only been around since 2014, Palm is fast becoming a leader in the swimwear market!


What led you to the decision to launch your swimwear brand PALM?
Ben and I first decided to launch PALM whilst we were living in Bali. Swimwear was an essential part of my wardrobe and I was frustrated with not being able to find simple, classic cut bikinis that were the right cut and fit. With my design background and Ben’s entrepreneurial skills, we both put our minds together and the brand naturally evolved from there.

You spend a lot of time in India; do you draw a lot of inspiration from your international travels?
Travel has been central to the development of PALM, whether it through our design or construction influences. It has pushed us to look beyond the latest fast-fad trends and gain insight into what fashion means for people living in different places. Indonesia and India both have a strong history of fine technique and craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation. These skills and processes possess a timeless quality and represent something a little more meaningful. In India, we have been sampling pieces of embroidery, print and beadwork on fine silks and knits that we are looking to incorporate into our next resort wear collection.

What do you think the most important thing is to remember when buying swimwear?
Comfort, quality and fit. It is also important to choose swim styles that are versatile and can be mix and matched. We have seen many women wear our swimwear as undergarments under sheer blouses and plunging camisoles.

Who has been the most exciting person you have had wear PALM?
Cara Delevingne

If you weren’t designing swim what would you be doing?
Fashion and design has always been important to me; I am sure if it wasn’t swimwear then I would still be involved in designing or styling in some way. However, we both have other passions outside of PALM. Ben is currently undertaking his PhD in education and I am studying for my Bachelor of Science degree. Maybe I will work for NASA one day! It is interesting; as we have found that aspects of our study influence the way we work with PALM. For example, my degree heavily focuses on environmental science and the growing need for sustainable business practices. The fabrics we use are constructed from Italian polyamide fibres that are 100% recycled from post-consumer materials. We are always looking for ways to be more sustainable as a brand.

If you could dress anyone in PALM who would it be?
Abbey Lee Kershaw, Kate Moss (standard), Lise Olsen, Karol Santos.

How would you describe PALM in five words?
Considered, natural, understated, simple, modern.

Do you have any exciting future plans for PALM?
Of course, we are very excited to have PALM stocking on INC’s new online store! At the moment we are also collaborating on some exclusive prints to be released soon and are underway with our first resort wear collection for next year.

What is a quote or piece of advice you live by? “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”

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