Designer Interviews | Oct 31, 2015

Famous for their signature cat eye frame, Puss & Boots, Pared introduces six new styles a season, keeping the label fresh and leading the trends. Now being sold in 14 countries including Italy, Spain, UK, Canada, Mexico, China and more, Pared is definitely a must have for everyones summer style.


How did you come up with the name PARED?
The name pared is a bit of a play on words. It refers to a pair of something (which is why all of our styles are named after pairs). To pare something back is to refine it, to cut or shave into it. Our branding is based on this- all frames feature a distinctive cut out detail and always the two triangle cut outs on the arm.

Why did you decide to design sunglasses?
I have always been interested in accessories as a designer. Sunglasses can be a signature piece whilst being a necessity especially in Australia.

I like objects that are smaller and you can really pay attention to small detailing. If I wasn’t designing sunglasses I would love to make jewellery- although sometimes the two combine a little and I am looking to incorporate more fine jewellery detailing into upcoming ranges.

What has been your favourite style of sunglasses you’ve made?
My favourite style this season is the CHARLIE & THE ANGELS in the clear with dark tortoise arm and white/gold corner detail.

To choose a favourite overall I always gravitate towards the POOLS & PALMS white laminated onto dark tortoise. They are so fresh!

How would you describe PARED in five words?
Fun, detailed, modern, bold, unique

Who has been the most exciting person you have had wear PARED?
We have had some great support this year- I loved seeing pared on Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Whitney Port in their styles. I always love when Margaret Zhang wear pared too- she styles it so well. I still get most excited though when I see someone on the street wearing pared that I don’t know!

If you could have anyone wearing PARED, who would it be?
What I would love to see Beyonce or Rihanna rocking a pair. I also love Anna Della Russo, Carine Roittfeld and Mirsoslava Duma- I would love to see how they wear pared.

What does the future for PARED hold?
We are expanding into the USA and Europe and working on a few extensions to the line- especially optical frames as we are getting lots of requests for this.

What is a quote or piece of advice you live by?
What goes around comes around…… so play nice!

Summer is all about… Late balmy night swims, tropical fruit, salty hair and feeling free!