Poppy Lissiman

Designer Interviews | Oct 31, 2015

We absolutely love Poppy! From her amazing fashion sense, her must-have designs and incredible business sense, it is clear how she has quickly risen to being one of the most in-demand Australian accessories designers. With 55 styles in her current collection she has found her signature style, being anything colourful, shiny and sparkly! She also does have a penchant for the evil eye which pops up on a number of her famous clutches.


Your clutches are super iconic – how did you come up with the concept to start making clutches?
It was actually more by chance I started clutches. I had been doing clothing for 4 years but stopped to focus on my store. After a one year break I was worried my shop didn’t have enough accessories in store at the time so I designed two basic clutch bags to be made and they sold out really fast. After I re-ordered them for the 3rd time I decided I might try and pursue it properly and restart my label as an accessories brand.

The clutches you design are so cult - what inspires these designs?
I’ve always been inspired by religious and pagan symbols so these appear a lot in my designs; Suns, Moons, Evil Eyes, Sacred Hearts etc.

Why did you decide to design sunglasses?
After the clutches were a success I just wanted to try my hand at another type of accessory. I can’t imagine going back to clothing so I liked the idea of doing something which was trans-seasonal and didn’t matter how old/big or small you were to wear the item.

What has been your favourite clutch you’ve made to date?
It honestly changes every time a new clutch comes out but overall probably the ‘Worship’ clutch.

If you could have anyone wearing POPPY LISSIMAN, who would it be?
Anna Dello Russo (editor of Vogue Japan).

Who are some of most exciting people you have had wear POPPY LISSIMAN clutches and sunnies?
It was pretty cool when Gwen Stefani was spotted a couple of times in my sunnies, I have loved her since I was about 8 years old.

When Leandra Medine from the Man Repeller wore one of my clutches for the first time that was so special to me as I had only been designing the clutches for a few months and the response I had from that moment has been lasting.

If you could shoot any location, with any international photographer with any model who would it be?
I would love to do a completely decadent, over the top shoot with David LaChapelle and Kate Moss… Location doesn’t matter really as I would want a custom set made for the shoot.

Where has POPPY LISSIMAN been published?
Quite a lot in the US; Teen Vogue, Lucky Mag, Elle, Marie Claire, In Style, Nylon, Cosmo, a bit in Japan with Elle Girl Japan, Nylon Japan and Vogue Japan. Then Cosmo Australia, Cleo, Cleo Singapore, Nylon Singapore, Grazia UK, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia…

What does the future for POPPY LISSIMAN hold?
Continuing to expand on our range of accessories and the countries we send them to.

What is a quote or piece of advice you live by?
You’d rather regret something you did do than something you didn’t do.