Designer Interviews | Mar 29, 2019

Less is more, a saying we LOVE in the world of swimwear. If you’re on the beach or by the pool - flaunting your figure & feeling like a weapon is everything! 

If there is one brand who nails this concept every time, it’s SAME Swim LA (@samelosangeles). The champions of chic, classy cuts & handmade pieces that last the distance. Italian fabrics & genius designs, the SAME team are ticking all of the right boxes year after year.

It’s Now Cool had the pleasure of chatting to one of the designers about their swim empire. We are impressed to say the least. These guys are on the money, on trend & on FIRE.

Looking through the past SAME collections is quite amazing! You've had so much growth since your 2016 Resort collection, yet you've always stayed true to your initial & overarching aesthetic. Tell us, who is the SAME woman & what is her natural/go-to style? 

The SAME woman is fashion forward, but also effortless. Her style is chic and classic but with a youthful twist.

It must be incredible to know that hugely influential people such as Hailey Bieber, Tash Oakley & Kendall Jenner love your range. Who was the first celebrity spotted in SAME & what was that feeling like? 

Kendall Jenner was the first major celebrity spotted in Same. It was really amazing because we hadn't even sent out any gifting at that point so we knew that Kendall (or Kendall’s stylist) had to have purchased it. It was a pretty great feeling when we saw all these girls wearing the suit, knowing they actually liked it enough to go & buy it.

Are any of the styles still handmade in LA. If so, wow and bravo!! 

Yes all of them. It's special, but also harder to compete when most brands take their production overseas for cheaper prices. 

The quality of SAME is impeccable. Why did you initially decide to look at Italy when sourcing fabrics? 

The best fabrics come from Italy, it's a known thing in the fashion world.

When it comes to sourcing fabrics, how often does the team travel each year? 

We don't have to travel to source fabrics. We already have all of the suppliers we work with and they send us their new options every year. For prints, we have them all custom designed by our own graphic designer. This way, no one else will have the same print.

The new SAME range includes fabulous stripes & aztec style zig-zags (love!). It's quite different from your recent Skin line which was inspired by polka dots & fluro colours. Where do you seek direction from in terms of design & new concepts? 

We always try to keep a permanent collection of basics for the girl who knows that less is more.  As the fashion world moves so fast however & these days girls want new swimsuits monthly, we are producing so many different collections. 

It's hard to always come up with so many ideas. Usually I see something somewhere - something that isn't a swimsuit - maybe it's a bag, a piece of art or something else and I think "that would be cool inspo for a swimsuit." I think about what I really want to wear. I’m designing for myself and girls like me. 

As a growing company, how do you all stay on the same page regarding the vision for each new line & the brand as a whole?

We are a small team & there is really only two of us making the design decisions. We take input from others but ultimately it's a small group of us deciding. 

If Instagram went offline for a year - what would be your chosen advertising platform? 

That's a hard one. Google is important. But nothing compares to Instagram.

SAME swimwear & the Sydney beaches go hand-in-hand. The images from shoots with It's Now Cool always coming out looking spectacular!! When you guys shoot your new collections, how do you find the perfect location? 

We look at the collection as a whole and think about what location would be the best fit. For example our last collection had a lot of pastels and retro fits so we thought old school, Art Deco Miami made perfect sense.

Let's talk stockists, as you have some big names on the list including Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Harrods, Shopbop & Lane Crawford. It's Now Cool certainly adores being on this list! Who were the brands first few stockists? 

Shopbop, Revolve, Forward were a few of the first. We were really focusing on the online market however & drawing traffic to our own site.


If I had 2 days in LA, 3 things I MUST do... Drive down PCH to Malibu, walk Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach and have a drink at Chateau Marmont.

The thing we love about Instagram is ... it's ability to connect people all over the world.

The thing we loath about Instagram is ... it's become so oversaturated and seems like everything is an ad.

LA lifestyle & SAME Swim go hand in hand because ... SAME is a luxury, fashion forward line of swimwear but it's also exactly that - swimwear. And where better to show off your new suit than LA.

The SAME Swim Christmas party 2019 ... if dreams could come true, what would this look like? A big house in Harbour Island in the Bahamas. We usually shoot there once a year anyway so dreams may come true :)

If the SAME brand was a woman, what 5 things would always be in her bag ... the perfect bikini (of course), sunscreen (protecting the skin is the most important), perfume (a woman always has to smell good), a cellphone (cause she's connected obviously), and a credit card (because she's her own boss).

One of the 2019 goals is ... be better than last year. Although it's a hard year to beat! We opened our first pop up on Melrose Place in Los Angeles and launched activewear.