Sister Act

Models | Nov 23, 2017

How did you both get into modelling?

Well, long story short, before we got into modeling we both had successful YouTube channels and through that we got the opportunity to model for brands before we were signed. In 2014 our photographer-friend Jorden Keith, introduced us to Jules Newmark who owns NewMark models in LA and we’ve signed with Newmark ever since. -SHANNON

Do you guys love working together? What has been your favourite job?

Yes, there’s nothing better than getting to work with your sister /best friend! Whenever we get booked for a job together we’re stoked. Our Favorite job together is a tie between shooting for Urban Decay or playboy last summer. -CAIT

What advice would you want to have been given 5 years ago? 

Cait: Don't take it so personally.
Shannon: Don't let modeling or the way you look control the rest of your life.

If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing? 

Cait: I would own my own vintage Boutique - which I still plan to do one day.
Shannon: I would be working in the health and wellness industry. My dream is to open a health Food Cafe.. which I definitely plan to do in the future.

Where is your next travel destination? 

Well our next big travel destination is Bali for Bestival before heading to Australia at the end of September.

Why Australia? 

We've always been interested in visiting, we have tons of Aussie friends- it only makes sense that we end up there! We’re so lucky that we’re going to experience it together. 

How do you pass the time at airports and in the air? 

Cait: a good playlist or podcast and having a travel buddy is always preferred.
Shannon: I just download lots movies and Tv shows I've been wanting to watch then binge watch them on the plane!

What are your go to beauty products and secret tricks to stay in shape whilst on the move?

Shannon: rose water spray, hydration sheet-masks & Boy Brow from Glossier! Drinking lots of water & green tea and always getting in lots of walking everyday.
Cait: Mario Badescu drying lotion, Tarte BB cream & santal 33 from Le Labo. I'm with Shannon on this one, Lots of Water, Lots of Walking.

Finish this sentence

Last Saturday night we . . .

Cait: I went to dinner in New York City with some friends, stopped by Gucci Ghost Gallery while they were setting up for fashion week then ended up dancing at a club with people in Bear costumes til 3 am.
Shannon: I had a night in with my best friend Nadia and my puppy Franklin! We watched Bridget Jones Diary and ordered food from our favorite vegan restaurant.

We can’t stop ... Cait: Drinking Kombucha. Shannon: scrolling through Pinterest!

Life is all about ... Cait: Trying new things with people you love! Shannon: Spending time with people you love and making each day count!