Models | Oct 22, 2018

She has a body that makes jaws drop daily, but she also has an infectious personality, a killer attitude & her feet firmly on the ground.

Steph Smith (more famously known by her Instagram handle @stephclairesmith) is everything INC represents and we adore her for it. Below Steph opens up about summer tips, health & wellness, beauty & makes a few cheeky admissions… take it away SCS …

I've had the pleasure of meeting you in person & while your figure is absolutely beautiful, another thing that struck me was your skin! Clear, glowing & plump! Walk us through a few of your best tips & tricks?

Haha thank you! ‘I got it from my mumma!’ Hehe. Honestly my skin is clearest and most glowy when I’m eating well and drinking lots of water! Anytime I’ve had a big weekend out maybe drinking or eating unhealthy foods I generally wind up with dry skin and pimples come Monday morning!

Steph that bod of yours is made for the beach! Since becoming so fit, what other areas of your life have been positively impacted?

Cheers ;) my mental state! Whenever I’m feeling out of it a quick sweat session usually makes me feel a whole lot better.   

When it comes to "summer bods", the abs & booty are a big focus for many women. What about the area in between though? The waistline. Can you share 2 or 3 exercises that'll help women shape & tone this area?

First of all my advice would be to work with what you’ve got! We all genetically hold fat in different areas, so there isn’t one exercise that will create abs, or a bum, or toned arms etc. BUT my favourite ab exercises are planks, crunches and heel taps - burn baby burrrnn! 

OK, walk us through the bangs & the intense workout regime. How do you keep your hair so bloody clean all the time!? 

Dry shampoo is my best friend haha! Obviously if I’m shooting or have an event etc I will wash my hair, but if not I will chuck some dry shampoo in it and throw it up in a messy bun! Also a big fan of the wearing hats - that’s one way to tuck the sweaty bangs away ;) 

Summer is not far off! Which brands/styles on the INC store have you currently got your eye on?!

Other than INC, I love Minimal Animale! 

SODA! Such an incredible range of eyewear. For women wanting to start their own businesses & become their own boss, what are two key things you know now that you wish you new a few years ago? 

Passion is everything! If you’re not passionate about it, don’t start it. Also teamwork! Businesses work well when you have partners that absolutely rock at what they do! You can’t be good at everything, and you certainly can’t do it all on your own - so having good partners that have strengths where you may lack is the way to roll!

You credit Josh a lot for the way he makes you feel, sexy!! When you're having an off day, what does Josh do to restore your spark? 

Even when I’m having a good day he always knows what to say! He just has a way of making me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. When I’m feeling particularly down he gets super cuddly and won’t let me go until I’m smiley again. 

Onto KIC. One of my favourite aspects about KIC is that it's encouraging women to feel good about food. Remind INC why eating is actually an vital part of keeping your body in killer, sexy shape!! 

When you fuel yourself with the right food you’re giving yourself that energy to smash your workouts and your goals! No point working out and then reversing all your hard work on some junk food! Find that balance where you’re fueling yourself with fresh and healthy food most of the time, while still leaving room for some treats or foods that you love! That balance will make you happy and happiness is the best thing for your body image.

Since starting KIC, what have you noticed is super common amongst women that surprised you & Laura (your KIC partner)? 

Women aren’t necessarily looking to loose or gain weight... they’re looking to find happiness and confidence within themselves. More often women are realizing now that there isn’t one body type that defines health... health and happiness comes from looking after yourself and loving what you’ve got!

What makes you & Laura the perfect partners. What do you each bring to the table that's different from one & other? 

We respect each other, and we have the same goals for the business. Other than that, we both have our strengths, and they balance out perfectly. We want the best for the business but more importantly we want the best for each other.

With each year, what are you learning about your body that you're loving? 

I really continue to surprise myself in how much I can push and challenge myself with every workout. Each year I pick up a new form of exercise that I end up LOVING! Last year it was boxing this year its running! I love putting it up to a challenge and showing myself that I CAN do anything I put my mind to.

When that time of day or night comes ... & the sugar craving hits. How do you beat this & prevent yourself from binging on naughties? 

I grab a peppermint tea, a few pieces of dark chocolate, and more often than not... make some popcorn! If I’m really trying to go without chocolate then frozen mango and pineapple usually does the trick too.


3 things we'll always find in your car? And 3 things we'll always find in your fridge? 

Car: headphones so I always have them ready for the gym! A drink bottle for the same reason. And I always have a keep it cleaner choc hazelnut bliss ball handy for when I’m in a rush in the morning and may have missed brekkie! 

Fridge: yoghurt, almond milk and pure butter (ready for popcorn hehe)

Which swear word are you guilty of using the most? 

Shit. Rolls of the tongue way too easy 

What's one thing you admit you waste too much money on?

Food probably - I never hold back at restaurants or supermarket shops... I’d rather spend lots on good food than clothes etc hah.

What's one thing you admit you waste too much time on?

Social media - if it wasn’t a part of my job I’d spend a lot less time on it!

3 Instagram accounts you love following?

@celestebarber, @therealjadetunchy and @angelcandices

You're a chai/tea kinda gal! Why no coffee?!

I did a blood test over a year ago that told me things I was apparently intolerant to and coffee was one of them. I went without it for a while to see how I went and once I stopped craving it I just thought - why not just leave it out of my diet from now on? I do miss the taste - but im leaving it for when I really need it in life... maybe post future baby when I’m running on a few hours sleep haha!

A few of your go-to workout tunes?

Kanye: Black Skinhead 

Kanye: Stronger

Rihanna: Disturbia 

Those gorgeous lashes of yours! Natural? If not, share your ways?!


The most romantic thing Josh has ever done for you? 

Too many to list. 

The most romantic thing your've ever done for Josh?

Ask him hehe

3 or so products that make you feel sexy & feminine without fail?

A tan (real or fake!) , some black sexy lingerie and a cheeky cut bikini!