Models | Jan 7, 2019

Soulful, sweet & seriously driven, It’s Now Cool always adores the company of this Perth born & bred beauty. While we are all learning to juggle multiple things in this crazy modern world - this young go-getter is showing us all that it can be done with glamour, grace & oh so much glory.

I feel like we're seeing you all over Australia at the moment Tahnee! You've had an incredible year, congratulations! What would you say your top 2 highlights are for 2018?

2018 has been a crazy year but in the best way possible. I’ve been very lucky to travel for work to destinations I’ve never been to before.

My highlights would have to be flying home to shoot for homegrown brand Linney’s Jewellery where I worked with real life butterflies and my most recent swimwear shoot for Kenni & Kai in the Philippines, I spent a week island hopping, finding the most magical locations. 

Tell us about your international life! Apart from your hometown Perth, where else in the world do you feel home-sweet-home?

I spend my time between Sydney and London working full time, I’ve spent enough time in each city to really feel at home in both places. Although I love to travel I still feel most at home in WA. No where beats Perth. I look forward to one day moving home and settling down there. 

You ooze an old school, graceful glamour! Do you grow into this with age or were you born a classic, old soul?

I grew up in a household where classic  Elvis Presley movies were on our TV and the likes of Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison we’re always playing. I’ve always loved the older eras, I still read vintage Vogue and Playboys magazines. I was bought up celebrating the classic, old school decades.

Kenni & Kai. What an amazingly epic adventure, launching a swimwear label with your sister! Tell us, what makes you & Kaila such a solid team?

I’m very lucky to work with my sister. Being family we are very honest with each other. We have different strengths in the business so when we combine them, that’s when the magic happens. 

Kaila & I work very organically together and being sisters it makes the experience of building a small business all the more exciting.

The bod. Let's talk! Tahnee you have such a gorgeous figure & we'd love for you to spill the beans. What does your weekly workout regime looks like these days? What kind of workout do you feel has the greatest physical impact? 

I love to walk, I always start my morning with an hour walk. Wherever I am in the world I like to find an outdoor route. In Sydney I do the Bondi to Bronte and in London I walk around any of the beautiful parks.

We're currently in the midst of the silly season (hooray!!) & the bubbles & party food is flowing! Will you let yourself indulge a little? What's your absolute favourite dish at this time of year?

Of course!  Summer is my favourite time of year. I definitely indulge over the Christmas break. I’m a sucker for Nan’s Christmas pudding, sea food platters and of course, lots of bubbles. 

Women looking to grab a pair of Kenni & Kai for their summer 2019. What can we look forward to with the range?!

Our current range is super supportive which is a huge factor for me. I feel so comfortable in every style. Our colour pallet is beautiful. There’s a huge range of different colours and textures to cater for everybody. 

If we were to peek through your bag ... what are 5 things we will always find?

  • 50+ face sunscreen
  • Lanolips lip balm
  • Passport 
  • Sunglasses
  • Film camera 

To get a glimpse of your personality & flavour for life... what is the first word that pops into my when you hear… 

Fresh … Watermelon 

Sand … Ocean

Spice … Saucy

Melt … Melting moments 

Bubbles Celebrations 

Salt … Sea

Coconut … Holiday

Sexy … Adriana Lima

Charm … Paul Newman 

Excite … Family and Friends