The Rise Of The Cheeky Bum

Behind the Scenes | Feb 5, 2019

Made famous by the Brazilians with the most common cheeky style titled the 'Brazilian bum', here in Australia, with all our amazing beaches and beautiful babes we think its time to adopt the trend! Find out about why we are opting for less rather then more in the bum fabric department.

  1. The best tan lines ever! Minimal coverage = minimal tan lines
  2. It is known to be the most flattering shape for all butts! Curves.
  3. Stand out at the beach or the pool, confidence is key!
  4. Comfortable and functional
  5. Everyone always loves a cheeky devil!!!

So we think this summer it's time to be confident, be brave, minimise our tan lines and try out the skimpy bums that are oh-so-popular across Europe and America!