Designer Interviews | Aug 19, 2019

The concept of “baring all” is huge at the moment. Women especially are encouraged to shed our layers & reveal to the world who we really are. What we truely believe in. And what we WANT out of life. It’s a time where we all need to toughen up, bin any fears & as the phenomenal crew you’re about to meet would say … it’s time to #startsomewhere 

The team at We Are HAH … a conscientious, sustainable & outrageously sexyyyy lingerie label founded in LA, achieves all of this on the daily & MORE. We Are HAH have kindly opened up their studio walls to showcase the heart & soul behind the brand that they’ve built with hungry hearts, true grit & the most powerful of passion. 

To feel like a million bucks in your underwear, to put your best foot forward in terms of sustainable living & to live your life in the luxury of fine lace … there is only one way. We Are HAH, (@wearehah).

The concept & ethos behind We Are HAH is so meaningfully wild! You guys have turned your attentions to sustainability & ethically made product ... and the outcome is oh so sweet! What made you want to focus on these mega global issues? 

It was the birth of my daughters that made me take the risk of starting over in my career. I deeply wanted to redefine fashion through a sustainable filter: conscientious, beautiful, comfortable and for all women naturally.

Many women want to lower their carbon footprint & add a touch of "green" into their lifestyles, but they find it hard to know where to start. Purchasing the We Are HAH lingerie is now such a brilliant way for so many of us to get involved & support these issues. What a genius solution where everybody wins! Was this a part of the game plan? 

We have a saying #STARTSOMEWHERE that we like to use in the brand as well as our day to day lives. We want to #startsomewhere in the world of sustainability and although we are not perfect we are taking those steps towards a better future by creating ethically made clothing that is easy on you & mother earth. 

So yes, the game plan was always to help others #startsomewhere by making a contribution to a “green” lifestyle….but while also looking #HAHT

Talk to us about the line. What or who is the muse behind the gorgeous underwear? 

Our constant muse is the everyday woman. We want to create lingerie that is sexy & comfortable for any and all women regardless of shape or size to wear every day and feel confident in her own skin. 

I love that you have such a varied group of models, showing off the range on your web  & socials. Does the whole #QuiteTheComparisons idea come into play when designing? i.e. is celebrating women of all shapes are big focus at HQ? 

100%. As mentioned before, we want everyone that comes across HAH to feel empowered and sexy when they step into our clothes. We want people to relate to our brand and feel confident knowing that what their purchasing is going to make them feel great.

Fashion is undefinable these days. Women are bringing swimwear & underwear into their day-to-day look which is so rad. Looking & the cuts, colours & fabrics used in your range, I'm assuming much of it is designed to be shown off day & night!?

HAH is all about versatility. We pride ourselves on creating garments that are multi-function & multi wear. It makes making a purchase that much more special. 

What has been the most challenging part of running the fabulous We Are HAH?

💰Start ups are no joke. 💰

Is there something you know now, that you wish you knew on Day One? 

That everything is 100x harder than corporate. It’s all harder and takes 5x longer. Get ready.

In terms of celebrity icons, who would you die to see in your swim or lingerie range? 

Lady Gaga, Beyocnce, Zoe Kravitz, Margot Robbie, Miley Cyrus, Zendaya, Hunter Shaefer (Euphoria cast – yes please!)  

The women of It's Now Cool are going to go nuts for your lingerie! What was it about It's Now Cool that felt as if the collaboration was a match made in heaven? 

We are both small businesses & stay true to who we are.


If We Are HAH was a real person, with a real voice ... how would she answer the below ...

Her daily life muse? 


Her morning ritual? 

Coffee, News, IG, Workout/Sex

Her motivation playlist on Spotify?

Depending on her mood – Queen or “Have A Good Day Playlist” Depending on what her soul needs

Her worst habit?

French fries, beer & online shopping 

Her token catch phrase? 


Her top few LA hangouts?

Chateau Marmont for lunch, Tenants of Trees for a night out & Baker Butcher & Cappuccino Maker for a coffee spot.

A few items she'd never leave the house without?

Sneakers, phone, and extra t-string me a thong (just in case ;)

8. Her all time favourite beauty hack? 

Homemade face masks/Epson salt bath

Her top couple of beauty products? 

Glossier Boy Brow

10. Her favourite style of workout? 

SoulCycle to fuel the fire!